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ZX 16V your thoughts please !

  mk2 172

isnt that the early lo-rider suspensin prototype......................

infact thats the bx with hydraulic rear!

what a fukin joke!

The ZX 16v - full kit so it looks like a big Saxo VTS. The same engine as the MI16 405 with 155bhp. Quite quick as the zx is half plastic and the metal is also piss thin! - Awsome handling as the 16v and volcane model came with passive rear steering which would steer as you threw it into a corner by upto 4 degrees.

As you might of guessed i had one for some time - dont take very much to get these engines close on 200bhp. Good value for money and as rare as rocking horse sh*t!

Compared to the VR6, o.k the VR6 will piss it for straight line speed but when it comes to corners the VR6 will flop im affraid - also sh*t on fuel and expensive on parts.

The clio 172, well this car is in a different price braket and era. The 172 will be a little better in every way but when you think you can pick up a 16v zx for around a grand then youve gotta think - I can buy 10 of these for one of those!!


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

My dad used to have one. They are something like 170bhp - look very understated but fcuk me they shift!!


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Had a scout round on auto trader, cheap as chips, not too many about though. Probably all been raided for engines by the Pug boys.