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Ricardo's 200EDC
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All the sale gubbins is done and now just the small matter of picking this up next weekend. It came up for sale last week and knowing what's been done to this and how well it's been put together it was hard to say no. I've been away from the Renaultsport scene for nearly 18 months for various reasons, and to be fair if this hadn't have come up for sale when it did I would have carried on with life without the need. So now I can slowly get back into the swing of meet ups, cars n coffee, trackdays etc. It's good to be back 😊

Spec list:
2014 EDC 200T Lux
320bhp 285 ftlb of torque
Hybrid turbo
Uprated fuel pump
Modified inlet and turbo cold side outlet.
Custom K&N filter with direct cold feed
Proalloy Intercooler
Proalloy Radiator
Complete Inoxcar turbo back exhaust, legal sportcat, extra mid box silencer.
Lower yellow torque mount
£4000’s worth of AST custom suspension, with not just height, but adjustable rebound damping and separate fast and...
Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)
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TDLR - im an idiot and keep buying scrap Renaults and a new project is in stock:LOL:

A few months ago in my old job i had a 68reg Kangoo, got it with delivery mileage brand new. Noted pretty crap in diesel form, and handling average however i had heard that the underpinnings were very similar to meg/mk3 clio, and confirmed when having a look underneath briefly.

Said van

Returned when i left the job, good riddance to tracker and 62mph speed limiter. Thought to myself that it would probably be sound, with more power and better handling.

At the time i still had my old Kangoo 172 (Racevan2), which was leagues ahead. Lacked a bit of straight line speed, and deep down im a turbo man missed the turbo torque so sold which stuck some money back in the pot.

With the drive looking less cluttered and bank balance up a few quid said no more projects until my Extra (Racevan1) is back on the road.

Had the idea of a Megane rs powered Kangoo2 for a while...
Titanium MrBlonde
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As some of you may know already,i had an accident in my Cup & hit a barrier.In a nutshell,Raining very early cold morning on AD80rs (close to the limit) back end stepped out going up a banking corner.Still Drives fine tho,just wasnt worth me repairing,So decide on getting a 182 but in Silver.

So i found one and got up early on a Sat morning to head to south wales.

So this one is on 53k 2 owners & one of the very last ones & standard,previous owner also has a lovely Mars Red V6.

So plan is to get all the good bits off the cup & transfer onto the 182 then break or sell the cup as a whole car.

Couple of Photos of the Cups damage

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