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Titanium MrBlonde

As some of you may know already,i had an accident in my Cup & hit a barrier.In a nutshell,Raining very early cold morning on AD80rs (close to the limit) back end stepped out going up a banking corner.Still Drives fine tho,just wasnt worth me repairing,So decide on getting a 182 but in Silver.

So i found one and got up early on a Sat morning to head to south wales.

So this one is on 53k 2 owners & one of the very last ones & standard,previous owner also has a lovely Mars Red V6.

So plan is to get all the good bits off the cup & transfer onto the 182 then break or sell the cup as a whole car.

Couple of Photos of the Cups damage

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So the list on what i have done so far:

-Turinis on
-Bilsteins B14
-Wheel Stud Conversion
-Front Spacers
-New number plates with Small front one.
-Skoda Splitter
-Replaced the Ktec System with a Janspeed system
-Oil & Filter Change
-Gearbox oil change
-New Spark Plugs
-HT Leads
-Coil pack
-Full cambelt Change etc
-OMP steering wheel
-Phase1 stalk
-Non Sport door handles,dash bits.
-Rear sear removal & full boot mat
-LED phillips front side lights
-Rear chrome indicator bulbs
-Rear LED number plate bulb


-Swap calipers
-Braided brake lines
-Brake fluid flush & bleed
-Swap over all the Discs etc
-New Track rod ends
-New tie roads
-New ball joints
-Swap Wishbones over
-Fit front exhaust gasket
-Swap xenon bulbs over
-Fit rear spacer shims

-Paint clean engine bay

-Wheel alignment

-Group N timimg & remap on rollers

Then a proper weekend clean & detail
No idea why - but I actually prefer it on the standard anthracite wheels...

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an 06 reg!
Wheels have improved it massively. Silver on silver looks so much better than the standard wheels.

It does mate & its on B14 so can make it sit just right.I have a set of Pro 1.2s also buy considering just keeping the turinis on it.
Just thought, these don’t bob up the tax bracket do they on an 06? I know the 05-06 scoob sti’s went from 280 to 500 for the tax for the same car.
Thanks everyone for the positive comments,still just the start but it looks great already.Should be all done ready for CSF 😁
So fresh, always had a soft spot for titanium (used to own one which probably is the reason) despite how “common” the colour is.

Side profile with turini’s on is epic! Having it on an ‘06 also cool
I've got Gloss black on my titanium. They look pretty decent to be fair. Not as good as white does though, in my opinion.

Never seen silver TDs on our colour car though so can't comment on them.
Theres a few on my insta page @mjh_motorsport if you use IG?

Just about to upload some pics onto my thread with white TDs too if you're interested...
Theres a few on my insta page @mjh_motorsport if you use IG?

Just about to upload some pics onto my thread with white TDs too if you're interested...

Yes mate post the link & im instagram,i think you liked my last post on there.
Sad to see the cup go mate was a lovely car but the 182 looks wicked as do all the cars you own. Let me know if you plan to break the cup as in need of a few bits , good luck with the new project 👍
Thanks mate @Cribert

I think i will keep the turinis on it and get them painted in a nice silver.
Not sure what to do on the Pro's,Paint a grey colour or silver