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Recent content by alex-avfc

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    My Inferno 182 meets the Sierra XR4x4.....

    Love the Sierra! Looks superb!
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    Some more of my old cars.

    I love pictures like those first few from 1998 (not for your pride and joy in a sorry state I must add) but all the old 80s cars in the backdrop that used to be everywhere but have just disappeared off the road without anyone barely realising, 1998 doesn't even seem that long ago!!
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    Would you buy this 172?

    Good to see some people bucking the trend of driving the value down on these cars at every opportunity! A good one is well worth the money as there's lots of areas where money could need spending!
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    Car no longer recognising key

    Thanks Jamesy you were right. Bit the bullet and bought a new key from Renault in the end - £160!
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    Ok to take this thread to the next level, does anyone have any 'period' photos of old fords they've owned back in their heyday? Would love to see some 80's/90's shots of xr's, rs turbos to spark of some real old ford nostalgia.
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    That's my old car :o was immaculate!
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    Back after 4 years - Ph1 172

    Watched this on eBay, personally I think for what it went for you got a real good price. As essentially it's a low mileage tidy ph1 and most of them need a 2nd cambelt change by now. still got love for mine, they drive so well with fresh suspension and brakes
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    My Astra

    Looks garbage bro
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    Clio 4 RS VS Fiesta ST EcoBoost

    ford are onto a winner with this st, got everything spot on.
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    Pastimans Rs turbo !!!

    Got any vids of it on start up?
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    Pastimans Rs turbo !!!

    I remember that being up on zsoc and seriously considered putting my 106 gti up for sale to get it at the time. Looks like you're gonna do just as good a job on this one, coming along nicely.
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    No brake lights working?

    Hi, Took my clio into renault today (only to have a new key programmed - no other reason I would go there!!) and after programming the key they told me they have noticed none of my brake lights work?! Does anyone have any idea of what this might be and what the first places to check are? The...
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    Clean ph1 exclusive

    Looks superb. Get a PH1 back bumper on and it's perfection.
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    Pastimans Rs turbo !!!

    Pastyman, did you used to have a mint RS1800?
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    Pastimans Rs turbo !!!

    That's exactly how I feel. As a 6-7 year old lad these where what I aspired to! One day maybe still.