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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Long story short... Was mostly down to me the delays on the job getting done, too much work for just me in the end etc. Took about 6-8 months for the money to pay for a turbo, not in the position to pay out £1,400 for a turbo out of my own pocket. Car was only ever outside during the day when...
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    standard will be fine or standard with a cg plate.
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    106 turbo winter project

    If it was mapped at 3psi and then upped to around 9psi chances are your misfire won't be a cheap fix sorry. Believe stock internals can take a fair bit of stick. My lad has got one in for a build and the rods are monstrous!!
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    182... what upgrades would you fit to your perfect spec road car?

    It's basically a solid connection to the gearbox so it will vibrate. Any slop in the box will make it worse.
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    182... what upgrades would you fit to your perfect spec road car?

    Simple solution to the pms rattle...change the laws of physics!!!!
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    Front camber adjustment. Clio 172.

    that must be horrible to drive!! good degree at least will transform it.
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    K4M Rally Build

    from the pics the bores look like they need honing, with new rings would be daft no to.
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    The new clio advert

    incest to lesbians in 30 years :eek:
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    PMS Air con delete

    isn't alex down your way?
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    PMS Air con delete

    where are you?
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    Eml on same codes after lambdas replaced

    check it's switching ok on live data.
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    most are but some, not sure about this one, do work in conjunction with boosted engines.