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Recent content by CoryColeWilkins

  1. CoryColeWilkins

    Kangoo 182 Project

    That’s useful information there, thanks for that. Any updates?
  2. CoryColeWilkins

    Kangoo 182 Project

    I see. Thanks for that :). Did the rear hubs bolt straight on yeah? I'll pm you if you don't want the thread cluttered, but I find chatting on threads means the info is available to anyone in the future :).
  3. CoryColeWilkins

    Kangoo 182 Project

    I think I will in a month or so when I have the time to start it :). Something I’ve wondered is how to get the abs to work, does the kangoo have the same amount of teeth or do you just swap the rings over?
  4. CoryColeWilkins

    Kangoo 182 Project

    Good work on the project! Iv'e had a Kangoo down the yard for around a year that Iv'e been itching to do this to.
  5. CoryColeWilkins

    Dci inline coolant heater

    Do you mean that you want it to heat the coolant with the engine off?
  6. CoryColeWilkins

    windowscreen replacement, auto wipers to pov spec

    I once put a uch and ecu off a car with autolights and wipers onto a car without and the wipers only worked on one setting. Fast or off. So the uch was looking for the autowiper sensors, I'd imagine your car would do a similar thing.
  7. CoryColeWilkins

    My Royal Blue Clio Project

    Do you still have the original campus grill?
  8. CoryColeWilkins

    Another DCi 172 replica.....

    @robbie1988 Good transformation mate. Reminds me of my DCI, cracking little cars.
  9. CoryColeWilkins

    Another DCi 172 replica.....

    What car do you have? As far as I'm aware only the trophys came in capsicum red.
  10. CoryColeWilkins

    The ol swictheroo 3 doors not enough

    It'll all swap over fine. Even the 182 bodywork will fit if you want to mess around with painting it. I've always liked the idea of this conversion as I once had a 5 door mk2 Clio and it was handy.
  11. CoryColeWilkins

    From 1.2 to 172

    Nice upgrade mate. Do you have a link to it? Cheers.
  12. CoryColeWilkins

    PAS delete pulley

    Thanks for the link. I've read the fitting guide provided on the page and it says the pas delete kit is only to be used with their lightweight pulley set. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. CoryColeWilkins

    PAS delete pulley

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be replacing my steering rack with the EPS rack from a dCi I'm currently breaking. I have a Trophy and would like to keep the air con. What pulley / set up would everyone recommend? Thanks!
  14. CoryColeWilkins

    My 1.2 clio project

    Iv'e been away from the clio scene for a while and remember this thread when it began. What a difference you've made to the car, hats off to you sir.
  15. CoryColeWilkins

    Hid kits

    If you don't have xenon projectors don't do it.