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Recent content by Dan@SJM

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    197 cams fitting

    No you couldn't.
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    Megane 225/230 engine fuelling questions

    I always advise changing the pump for a new one. I've had quite a few in with shite fuel pressure now.
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    I float about on here from time to time.
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    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    The plate in the underside of the manifold is for all the take offs and sensors. It'll be running low enough boost to not require a BOV. But we will also be mapping in NLS.
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    Engine rebuild options...

    Most obvious thing is that the cat cams are billet and the stock are lobes pressed onto the shaft.
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    Engine rebuild options...

    open loop at 5000rpm.
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    Headlining oil mark

    Brake cleaner
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    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Assume it's still on the cams? Map shouldn't be far out atall. Pop it down and I'll sort out a nice deal for you as you've not exactly had the best luck!
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    Road Legal or Trailered Track Car

    Both. It's road legal, but I trailer it everywhere. Getting stuck at a track half way across the country isn't fun.
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    Clio 182 whine (like supercharger)

    It's certainly not fun to do. Whole aux kit is £77 from Renault currently.
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    Clio 182 whine (like supercharger)

    It'll be the lower idler on the aux kit
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    Clio 172 not starting after clutch change

    There's an earth just above the driveshaft
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    Another Aux belt snap

    It it cut out then it's made its way into the cambelt run. Renault procedure states that you are to replace the aux belt and all tensioners so they could be liable.
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    Anyone sell clutches on here. Valeo is the oem fitment