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    Malvern Hills

    Try the A44 towards Leominster. Pretty good, easily falls into the "twisites" category.
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    Artic or Arctic

    Hang on artic roll is what happens on the M5 on a regular basis! Or could be a 44 ton lorry dipped in ice cream and covered with jam and sponge!
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    Artic or Arctic

    Artic roll? Ice cream surrounded by jam and sponge? A blast from the past.
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    Defection - the dark side

    Hippychick maybe my underperforming 172 has given me a false sense of a CTRs abilities? Did you have the hand brake on or something?
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    Defection - the dark side

    Tom satin silver. Have only driven approx 50 miles in it so far but compared to the 172 it feels alive. Like a terrier on a lead at the entrance to a rabbit warren. It just wants to go. Im even surprised by the way it pulls even before you enter the VTEC zone. Also way more solid and quite...
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    Defection - the dark side

    After my bitter disappointment on the PE rollers the 172 just had to go. Drastic, maybe - but hey what the hell. So Ive gone and done it and bought a VTEC bread van! Yes A CTR. Please feel free to stop me on my rounds. If you require anything extra (ladies) please leave me a note. Also...
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    172 Questions

    Oh yeah oil - supposed to use 5W 40 fully synthetic.
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    172 Questions

    Mitch I live in Worcester and use Hylton Renault in Bromyard. Have serviced my car twice now. A good job was done but I have found the service a little lacking. Like waiting 30 mins for my bill or taking 2.5 hrs to complete an oil change. Hmmm. Dont let me put you off, the work they do...
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    WHAT induction

    Green replacement element. £32 Demon Tweeks. Sorted!
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    Whats ya mileage

    24k on a 2001 Y
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    Best Airfilter and Xhaust combo

    Ill second Bikemans comments!
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    Where can I get a Magnex fitted (worcs)

    Yep full CAT back with 6 x 4" tail. If you want to check it out we cold meet up.
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    Where can I get a Magnex fitted (worcs)

    Mortster I also live in Worcester but made the trip to DT. Itll take you a couple of hours to get there but the return journey will be much more fun!
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    Green filter - my opinion

    Green replacement element £32 from Demon Tweeks. Would agree with Bike Man - seems to rev more freely.
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    Magnex being fitted!!!

    172 gal got mine fitted 2 weeks ago. Full CAT back with the monster 6 x 4 pipe. Sounds excellent at idle and when cruising slowly. However be prepared to put up with quite a bit of boom at 80mph until it beds in. Telford Mike reckons on about 2000 miles! Keep the ear plugs to hand.