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    172 Headlight Main/Dip Beam Question

    Nope - bank manager suggested that I may want to retire! I may be doing a couple of stand-in drives, but nothing much. Things OK with you?
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    172 Headlight Main/Dip Beam Question

    Ta. Remind me - is 1 beep on or off?
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    172 Headlight Main/Dip Beam Question

    Hi all, The Forum tells me I havent been here since 6th Jan. Antisocial g*t, arent I? Overworked, underpaid ..... Anyway, I have a couple of questions for the 172 owners. When you pull your stalk (ooh err missus etc.etc) to flip between main and dip beam, does the stalk click? Mine...
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    ClioSport Raffle - Tickets to Rockingham

    If anyone is going to Rockingham, pop in and say hello. Us Legends Cars are one of the support acts - Ill be in the number 56 car (red/white). Im not sure where the Legends paddock will be - probably in the Outer Paddock, right next to the car parks at the back of the Turn 1 grandstands...
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    challenge for the best private plate...

    Saw a great one the other week: A17 TWO
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    Advanced Driving Lessons

    GR - at the risk of starting the old argument again, my Contis are fine!
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    You could always draw the tread back on with a magic marker - might fool Plod.
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    Advanced Driving Lessons

    MB - ever thought of taking it on a trackday? Get some decent instruction and you should find out what you and your car can do. Incidentally, if you are treating the wheel gently you are doing the RIGHT THING. Being rough with the wheel, brakes or throttle will upset the car. It might feel...
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    Clio vs CBR600

    I have a 172 and a CBR600. This is an oldish CBR (an FM). IMO there is no comparison. The only time the 172 would be able to keep up would be on a series of left-right-left corners (because the bike cant change direction as quickly as the car) and maybe on a wet, bumpy road (because you end up...
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    Going too far

    Eddd, youve done 2,600 miles around the Ring? Im jealous.
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    F*ing Back Brakes!

    Mine isnt used every day. If I leave it for a few days the rear pads stick on, as a few of you have experienced. According to the local dealer, Renault know about the problem but havent come up with a fix yet.
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    Question for yah Londoners...

    I stayed in Croydon for a couple of years. Accommodation quite reasonable, you can get to London Bridge in about 15 minutes on the right train (or about 25 on the wrong one). Victoria is about 20 mins too.
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    Clio 172 import - Renault warranty work

    I think there were some 165hp 172s in Belgium - something to do with tax breaks. JJ - just get your paperwork off to Renault UK and youll have your 3 year Pan-European warranty.
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    Clio 172 import - Renault warranty work

    JJ- they are talking crap. The only difference is that you dont get breakdown insurance. If you write to Renault UK they will give you a 3 year warranty (details in several other posts). If they mess you around report them to Renault UK, who seem to have their heads screwed on. My local...
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    172 Brake upgrade