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Recent content by rory182

  1. rory182

    FG05 KGJ SILVER 182 - East Kilbride

    Anyone know this car? Currently for sale in East Kilbride. Not for me.
  2. rory182

    Clio crushed by a building, BBC news

    Glasgow, Patrick area
  3. rory182

    Where is the 200's sweet spot??

    My 182 was much nicer after 36k miles than from new, my 172 on 72k miles flew!
  4. rory182

    Hankook V12's - What does everyone think of them?

    Nothing wrong with the Hankooks in the wet, I ran them on my 172 and have them on the TT and would recommend them to anyone, not sure about their RWD performance though. Previously I only ever fitted Michelin Exaltos.
  5. rory182

    172s are dirt cheap now

    but you'd achieve 80% of the improvement with track rods alone probably
  6. rory182

    Favourite pre 90's cars

    Miura, 240Z, Triumph GT6, AC Ace, 3.0 Healey
  7. rory182

    Anti virus recommendations?

    I just use Microsoft Security Essentials
  8. rory182

    raced a V6 last night....farnham

    Ilyiad (sp) blue, not arctic
  9. rory182

    Which Tablet?

    I've noticed capacitive screened Android 2.3 tablets appearing via Maplins now, my GF has an Ipad its cracking but I personally wouldn't pay the premium for an apple product. I'm not sure what android 2.3 is like on tablets?
  10. rory182

    Blind much?

    it didnt look like inferno when I drove past, figured it was resprayed
  11. rory182

    Blind much?

    Saw that on kepochill street last week, fugly
  12. rory182

    running lumpy at idle! Help!!

    plugs were shot
  13. rory182

    Albi R27 - Kilmarnock Evans Halshaw

    its still on their website, car dealers suck boaby