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    What does everyone want next

    got bored of the clio 1.2 16v and bought a MK2 Golf GTi, dont know whats next depending on my money situtation when i finish my degree, a evo7 or Supra TT if id manage to find a good job
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    mine are for sale
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    Best way(s) to reduce Body Roll

    Great, im going to weld 4 short steel bars on instead of springs and struts tomorrow lol
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    Best Renault dealer in North West

    forgot to put that Renault Oldham has been fine when i took the car there for warranty and service work.
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    hybrid clio / whats possible

    Easy, buy a MK2 Golf GTi and do the TT 225bhp 20v Turbo conversion, cost 4k from Designadubs, the rest of the 3k in your budget can go on koni coilovers, seat cupra r brembo brakes and Quaife LSD. ^^^BTW thats the dream spec for my Golf:oops: But i rather have a Supra given the money lol
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    car now sold

    Big bhp i followed a J reg Oak Green 16v yesterday going to uni, look well nice, there just something about the MK2 in that colour:)
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    car now sold

    Hey Dafydd, just bought a mk2 Golf GTi to replace my clio, great car for the money. For buying advice go to
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    can u put a 1.6 16v into a 1.2 16v

    The cost will outweight the marginal benefit
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    MKI 172, Fiat 20v Turbo or Teg Type-R

    yeah after ive been in my brother evo, the next car had to be a turbo, cant beat the tunablity of a turbo and the sound of the dump valve
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    MKI 172, Fiat 20v Turbo or Teg Type-R

    Thought about a 200SX? 200bhp rear wheel drive for 7k ish you can get a newish low mileage one
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    1.2 16v service

    can someone please tell me when is the next service after 18k? i think its 32000miles for the next service, can anyone confirm this and how much did you pay? cheers monk
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    good dealers in the manchester area

    not had a problem with Renault Oldham, good customer service and problems always fixed, Renault Manchester however failed to spot the worn wheel bearing and didnt replaced the oil filter :o when my brother took his car in for a service!! after going off his head in the reciption area they...