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  1. asrob910

    Clio Cup steering wheel

    Just had the cup out for its proper first run since I bought it 3 weeks ago. Loving it but I have one problem and need a bit of advice. The steering wheel material is HORRIBLE dead sticky and after rubbing my hands together after 10 minutes its cooking away. People will have posted this before...
  2. Nathan Evans

    Clio 172 cup rally/race/track car

    ] A few months back now I bought a msa logbooked clio rolling shell. The plan was to buy a donar car for the engine and brakes and make one car out of the two. I ended up buying this 172 cup off eBay, it had bucket seats, coilovers and sabelt wheel. But I got offered to much profit on the...
  3. MrBlonde

    My Engine bay revamp!

    Spent a couple of days painting the engine bits & good clean up!.pretty pleased with the outcome,so thought whack some photos up!
  4. N

    Nathan's 172 Cup - N11YFE #frankenstein

    I first posted on here back in August 2014! :openmouth: I was intending to start a project thread at the time on my 172 Cup but I became more active on the Facebook group rather than on here, but after all this time here we go! And posting up some photos on photobucket, not much has changed but...
  5. MrBlonde

    P01/01 Code

    So the orange emissions light came on the other day on the dash,can runs fine no probs.First of all by reading up on some threads on here it was pointing towards the post lambda sensor.So I thought I would get it diagnosed before I spent out on some money,so @Sunglasses_Ron kindly let me borrow...