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197 clio

  1. H

    Can i fix mk2 182 or 172 engine in clio 3 rs?

    Hi I have clio 3 rs but i can't find engine but I have 182 and 172 engine and I fixing for clio 3 rs and what should I change to be fix. All the wires it's same? And what is different engine can I fix? Because witch I see between 182 engine and 197 or 200 not that much different in photo if...
  2. S

    Clio 197

    Hi guys, need help with a new engine / possible gearbox to! Who can do this cheap? I can supply belts and clutch etc as I work for Andrew page... Currently running on 3cyl replaced coils and plugs. No codes for injectors, just misfire on cyl 1 and multiple misfire. Pcv is working fine. Codes...
  3. P

    Clio 197 Alloy

    New to the forum and to renault sport ownership. Had a 08 plate 197 for a month an a bit and its had its fair share of problems. The latest being one of the alloys is cracked beyond repair. Would really appreciate if anyone out there has or knows of a replacement for me. I've put a picture of...
  4. steven.tul.197

    new fella from up in the highlands

    alright my dudes, just bought my first rs Clio infact my first Renault been audis and vaxhaulls before and its fair to say im impressed. the 2008 197 i got is fairly low millage (32k) so is fairly clean, there is the odd stone chip hear and there and a wee scuff on one of the fogs but nothing...
  5. C


    So I've been having issues with my wipers for a long time, they always seem to just stop. I went down the route and followed the guide of making sure the linkages were not seized but still the problem continued. I then went and ordered a new motor which I have fitted today.. again still not...
  6. ThatKidSmokey

    New Read discs

    I badly need some new rear discs, Are these right for a 197?
  7. C

    Gearbox issue on 197 - can't get into gear from start / when cold

    Hi guys, First post on the forum and sadly its a gearbox issue. I've read through a fair few threads but wanted to put this up and see if anyone can advise me on the potential cause(s). When cold, normally in the morning after she has been sat over night, I can not get the car into gear (any...
  8. Steve_RS

    197 Lux

    Yo, I was going to stick these in the 'What have you done to your car today?' topic but I thought I'd whore a full new topic instead. Gave the 197 some TLC this morning, fitted new TRW droplinks, replaced the aerial for a stubby alternative (thanks for the support @Typhoon & @james24785 ), also...