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new fella from up in the highlands

  2008 clio 197
alright my dudes, just bought my first rs Clio infact my first Renault been audis and vaxhaulls before and its fair to say im impressed. the 2008 197 i got is fairly low millage (32k) so is fairly clean, there is the odd stone chip hear and there and a wee scuff on one of the fogs but nothing major. i am swithering with the idea of mud flaps as the front wheel seem to flick up a bit of road grime and mud, whats you guys opinion on them?

little bit of spec
lowered 30mm on springs
ram air induction kit
resonated scorpion exhaust
other than that its standard


I f**king love Scotland, especially the Highlands.

I've only driven up there once and need to do it again, ideally not in January snow on well-worn summer tyres again!

Might as well try some rally slag flaps if it's going to help keep things clean :)
  2008 clio 197
Lucky to have the roads up there to enjoy it! How’s the gearbox as they are notorious for being ‘fragile’?
absolutely fine but i have read that so im trying to be gentle and not just bang gears witch is what the engine wants you to do haha