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Gearbox issue on 197 - can't get into gear from start / when cold

  Cliosport 197
Hi guys,

First post on the forum and sadly its a gearbox issue.

I've read through a fair few threads but wanted to put this up and see if anyone can advise me on the potential cause(s).

When cold, normally in the morning after she has been sat over night, I can not get the car into gear (any gear). It feels similar to when you might need to double clutch, there is a lot of resistance and even with a bit of force there is no chance of getting it into gear. I have to wait 10 minutes until the car is fully warm and then you can select any gear no problem.

If I'm running late and can't wait for her to warm up fully then after a few minutes to warm a little and a bit of side to side movement on the stick and pumping of the clutch I can 'force' it into gear (usually easier to get into 2nd then immediately up into 1st). The first few gear changes are stiff and a bit of double clutching is required but once the car is running warm its fine and within 5 minutes gear changing is relatively smooth.

Its been to my local mechanic and they have changed the gear box oil during a service (no effect). They don't think there is an issue with the slave cylinder or clutch as they believe that I would be having these issues all the time, not just when cold.

When the engine is off there are no issues selecting any gear.

I'm resigned to the fact that its probably going to be something internal to the gearbox and a bit pricey to fix but I'd be appreciative of anyone's take on this issue.