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  1. K666price

    ** TEJ white clio 197/200 Newtown

    In the carpark of Control Techniques, I followed you through the barriers, nice and tidy!
  2. D

    197 / 200 Track Only Car Advice

    Hi All, I was wondering if I can get advice on buying a 197 / 200 car for track days only. The car will be totally stripped inside and suspension changed for coilovers. Therefore what is best out of 197/200? 197 cars seem to be a lot cheaper and if I'm ripping the car to bits would this be...
  3. D

    197 / 200 brembos

    Hi guys do clio 197 / 200 brembo calipers fit directly onto the clio 172 cup or do i still need the extra brackets ???
  4. StuOwen86

    172 Cup vs 197 Cup for Track Car

    Well I'm getting ready to go and view a 172 Cup that I'm looking at buying for track use and trips to the Ring and was wondering if there is much difference and are the 197 worth the extra money over the 172 for example the 172 I'm looking at had 59k miles, Quaife Diff, BC Coilovers, 2 X Bucket...
  5. K

    Red Clio 197/200 M60 Ashton?

    If the driver is on here and i passed you about 9:45. I was in the arctic 182 have a little drive by haha.
  6. chris_pett

    LQ Yellow 197 Oadby

    Spotted liquid yellow 197 (st57 fxy). Also noticed Cliosport sticker in the back so must be on here.
  7. loggyboy

    LY 197 F1 - Basingstoke, Lady driver

    Spotted on A30 winchester road this morning.
  8. _drew

    Silver 197

    YC08 FME Spotted in Capenhurst technology park
  9. M

    Clio 3 Rs 197/200 OEM pistons

    Good evening, does someone know the piston F4R830 (Clio 3 RS 197/200) dome volume ? If I use F4R830 pistons in a standard F4R730 engine what will be the compression ratio (I know it should be higher but I would know a value)? I calculated the approximate compression ratio using excel but I...
  10. Bear Head

    Silver 197 selby three lakes

    197, looked clean. Cliosport sticker in't back!
  11. badwool

    Best Exhaust For 197 - Cat Back

    Hi guys, Whats the best sounding cat back exhaust for a 197? I understand there will be no performance issues - I also dont want it to sound stupidly loud and I would prefer it to look completely standard. Thanks.
  12. roryb

    yellow F1 197 tolworth

    On a driveway just off the ewell bypass near tolworth 2/3 houses away from the toby carvary looks awesome!!
  13. S

    AB 197 kilbarchan

    Seen you sitting in the car outside the bowling club. Your passenger headlight is oot btw! 197s look good in the flesh, the curves are something else.
  14. badwool

    New 197 owner

    Hello all, Picked up my first clio yesterday - a LY 197 f1 team. Have to say I'm loving it! which is suprising as I came from a high powered evo IX. Anyway hello. PS - is thejesus (Jon) still about? Thanks,.
  15. MGF91

    Black 197/200

    Spotted you in Bristol by Primark. I am yet to spot someone who is actually on the forums....
  16. R

    225 conversion into 197 in Ireland

    Hi all, is there any garage able to do a 225 conversion into a 197 in this lovely island? I'm in Dublin but that does not matter much. Thank you.
  17. smiffyboy

    LY 197 Chorley

    Ly 197 last night around 9.15ish near Chorley hospital you was sat at lights. sure you waved, I waved anyway. car looked clean :)