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alien green

  1. Lou

    Alien Green 200..

    Spotted an Alien Green 200 this afternoon just after 4pm heading through Newtongrange in Midlothian! Lovely colour compared to some pics I've seen!!
  2. 1

    alien green 200,glynde,sussex

    today at 4:30-5pm,driving up the hill.i was going down in white 16v
  3. chris182cup

    Silver 172 dennistoun , alien green 197 or 200 Glasgow city

    172 parked in dennistoun owner must be workin on a church roof. Alien green monster Glasgow center around 3pm near bus station
  4. Dm_26

    Alien Green 200 - Morrisons Erskine

    58 reg I think Alien Green Parked right at the front of the car park Morrisons, Erskine Anyone?
  5. davesport172

    Alien Green 200 Queens garage Leeds

    saw it parked outside this afternoon, about half2-3ish. looked mint!
  6. B

    Alien Green 200 on the M621 into Leeds.

    gave me a flash as you went past!
  7. Needster

    Alien Green 200 with anthracite pack M25 jct 2

    Driving like an idiot. Weaving through traffic. Well done bell end, that was worthwhile. Turned off off onto A21 north. Looked nice though.
  8. S

    alien green 200, armada centre, plymouth yesterday!

    my mrs rang me to tell me she'd seen this yesterday and that she loved it just wondering if its anyone's on here?:approve:
  9. MattyMarsh

    Ordered my Alien Green Clio 200

    I haven't been on here for ages, but I thought I would let everyone know that I've just ordered an Alien Green Clio 200. Picking it up next week. It's a full fat with Cup suspension and Anthracite Exterior Pack. If your in Stoke, you will probably see me around. I'm part exchanging my 5...
  10. MattyMarsh

    Alien Green Clio 200 in Stoke.....who?

    Does anyone know the owner of the Alien Green Clio 200 in Stoke or Stone. I believe they bought the car from Madeley Heath motors. Cheers
  11. timmyd

    Alien green RS200

    I have had my rb 182 for over 5yrs now, and i still love it to bits. But recently the only car that has caught my eye is the alien green rs200. Wasnt keen on it at first, but saw a pic in performance car mag with both the ag and ly rs200 on track and then it won me over. I have just been offered...
  12. maz172cup

    ph2 alien green photoshop request

    was wondering what would a ph2 172 look like in alien green. can someone have a go at colouring my car alien green.
  13. Rob R26r

    Alien Green 200-M40

    This morning heading westbound on the M40 towards Beaconsfield.
  14. Russy B

    Alien Green 200 Cup

    Going southbound between J4-5 of M40 around 2pm friday oct 2nd, Anyone???
  15. Sash

    Alien Green 200 A48 Camarthen 2pm Today

    Guy driving on his phone too :nono:
  16. InfernoCup

    Alien green 200 A34 near oxford sunday night

    As above, at around 8.30ish last night heading towards Oxford. You kindly let me out to overtake some traffic. Anyone from here? First one i've seen on the road, car looked lovely!
  17. Adam

    Alien Green 200 Warrington Town Centre

    Seen one last night, quite late when I was out, looked awesome :) Anyone of here?
  18. Kiev85

    blue 197 alien green in inverness..

    blue 197 - LEG private guy i think.. plus alien green thing up inverness...clatty tbh and thats about it really
  19. Rob R26r

    Alien Green 200, M25-Dartford.

    This morning. Heading towards the crossing, anti clockwise. I must admit I was shocked how good it looked. :approve:
  20. Ollie82.

    Alien Green 200, Guildford A3

    Joined the A3 Guildford bypass today at about 1ish. Youngish looking lad with glasses driving it. First time i've seen one in the flesh. Like the back, detest the front. Don't think i could live with the colour either!
  21. X

    Dealers With Alien Green 200 Demo

    I need to see one in the flesh... Do any of you know any dealers that have one that are located around the Kent SE London area.
  22. X

    Alien Green 200

    Hi guys... I have searched the forum and the web for some decent pics of the Alien Green 200's, any of you guys have any decent links!! I need to make my mind up with what colour I want. I have been reading some threads here and elsewhere and it appears you either love the 200 or hate it, I...
  23. B

    Alien Green 200 - Scotland

    Up from Dundee near Carnoustie Have to say I'm a fan, very smart indeed!
  24. Amy

    Alien Green 200, Redhill

    Spotted just now on the memorial park roundabout going out of Redhill towards water building and the crossways lights. Loveee the colour
  25. Fletcher

    Spotted Transporter full of Alien Green/LY clio 200.

    As above on the going along the M3 this afternoon. Loving the Alien green :approve::approve:
  26. L

    Alien Green coolant.............

    howdy folks, can anyone tell me where i can buy the pre-mixed green coolant from? Thats the stuff i have in my car at the mo... and wanted to keep it all the same. thanks.