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bilstein b14

  1. S

    Which top mounts should i go for?

    Hey guys i looked a lot here in the forum what top mounts are working with the Bilstein B14? i heard that there are top mounts you weld in? i dont wanna weld the top mounts in so i wanna get some i bolt in. and i would like to still use my OMP strut brace. Maybe its the easiest way to get the...
  2. kendeba

    Changing K-tecracing suspension

    Hi Guys, I have arrived to that point when I am not that satisfied with my suspension and I have to decide what to change it for. The suspension is the cheapest K-tec (link below). My problem is that the front is too soft. While cruising the wheel often touches the wheel arch liner, it happens...
  3. 3

    Cooksports/Eibach + Koni Yellow or B14 for trackday use only Clio RS2 172?

    Hi guys, Iam thinking about suspension upgrade on my Clio RS2 172 becouse I feel much body roll when pushing too hard on track and tires are worn at outter side. Track driving only hobby, trying to self improve, trackdays 4-5 days per year (around 1200km/year track). Public roads only becouse...
  4. Chris_Beer

    WP53 OKO - Glacier White - 172 Cup

    I'll start with apologising for the amount of photo's I take! However, that's what projects are all about !? The misses (cliolou) has owned Steve's tidy 172 Flamer, a DCI 100, and a Liquid Yellow 182 (still miss this car). I enjoyed driving each one of them and said one day I would get myself...