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  1. Advikaz

    Anyone used these ? Brembo rears Are they as said.. supplied complete with bearing and the rings ?
  2. dentillozie

    Best place to find quality new or refurbed calipers?

    Hi all! Im looking to refresh the brakes on my Clio 172 Ph2. Id prefer to buy new (if they are even possible to find) or already refurbished calipers + brackets. I saw a lot of calipers on autodoc but most, if not all, are refurb and i dont know if they are good quality or not. could someone...
  3. F

    Clio 197/Megane 225 brakes on Clio 182

    Hi guys I’m thinking about upgrading the brakes on my lil 182 now. So I was wondering all the things i need to run them. -The Calipers obviously -These things (idk what they’re called in English) And do I need the brake lines from the 197 too ? What else ? Thanks in advance
  4. mtph1pb_002


  5. Joe Wootten

    Brembos brakes

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of getting all the bits for a 197/200 Brembos conversion on my 182, I was just wondering if anyone new how long I need the braided line to be?(I'm guessing they need a different length to the oe calipers?) As I am making a set of lines up myself. Any help...
  6. R

    Clio 172 - slow progress project

    Hi, I managed to get a LHD Clio 172. Was the only Clio ph2 Sport that I could find on a decent price and LHD. Although it was cheap, it has a lot of dents due to hail stone storm, but the mechanically parts are in right order. It does have all the belts in 2014 with all the aux bits. Last...
  7. Rystar

    Brake Choice questions?

    Hi Guys, Yet another brake question thread, but times move on and there may be new things since the other threads so thats my justification:tearsofjoy: I've been looking at changing out all my brakes on the 172. I've found some things and just wanted to run them past you guys to hear your...
  8. C

    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    Hello Can someone please help me confirm a list of what wheels fit on the Pure Motorsport 197/200 Brembo conversion for the 172/182 ? Specifically, can someone please comment on if the 16" +38mm Team Dynamics 1.2s will fit or if a spacer is required So far I have found the following: 16"...