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Brembos brakes

  Clio 182 Cup
Hi guys,

I'm in the process of getting all the bits for a 197/200 Brembos conversion on my 182, I was just wondering if anyone new how long I need the braided line to be?(I'm guessing they need a different length to the oe calipers?) As I am making a set of lines up myself.

Any help would be great!:)


  Clio 182 Cup
Yeah need them this weekend so was going by to pop over to merlin motorsport and get fittings out cheaper than the crimped ones sometimes:p


ClioSport Trader
  need BRAKES? PM me
415mm end to end

I can supply pretty much everything for this conversion if you've not go them already

Discs, pads, pin kits, fluid, and should be able to supply the mounting bracket soon aswel @Joe Wootten