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coil pack

  1. J

    Mk2 Clio in limp home? Dashboards lights on

    So recently my Clio has started displaying the engine management light and another I am not completely sure as to what it is, the photo is too big to attach here but it is a box with a wavey like through and a bigger coil type line underneath. It has also gone in limp home mode I believe, the...
  2. Archtects

    Getting hold of genuine ht leads and pack?

    Does anyone know where i can get oem ht leads and the coil pack? Also is magnacor worth it? I hear people have problems with them. They aren't strong enough? Cheers
  3. Hathor West

    Destructive Misfire - 182 - Coil Pack & Injectors

    I've been having a problem with the 182 for a while now. Every now and then when I accelerate above 2500rpm the car will hold back and when I take my foot of the accelerator it will backfire (not all the time). So I changed the plugs & leads and things were ok for a while but it's continuing...
  4. lordyjordy

    Clear Fault Code Stockport/Manchester - Solid Emissions Light

    Hi all, My car recently started stinking of petrol and the engine would lose power if I accelerated. I quickly found out that the coil pack and lambda sensor were on the way out... Anyway, I bought new parts (for half the price Renault quoted) from EuroCarParts and fitted them last night. The...
  5. K

    Misfires , smell of fuel help?

    Hi people been a member for a while had the car for 3 year's but a couple of months ago the car started misfiring on two cylinders although can't remember which ones. I replaced the coil pack, ht leads and sparkplugs, but to no avail. While the misfire was happening i took of the ht leads one...
  6. Duk

    Oh god please not the injectors

    So I have a clio 172 2003. A few months ago the emissions warning light started flashing. There was no detectable change to the emissions when probed, nor were there any detectable effects on performance. Later, the warning light went off and everything was fine for a few weeks. Yes, that's...
  7. B

    Destructive Misfire Code 278???

    New to the forums, picked up my 172 sport the other night and it keeps throwing up an engine management light, plugged it into a diagnostic machine and it came up with destructive misfire code 278, has anybody else had this issue in the past? The code reader says spark/coil issue, on the night i...
  8. S

    Misfire when warm

    Hi all, car has recently developed a misfire and stinking of rotten eggs. Changed spark plugs and all was well until the engine warmed up and went back to misfiring. I've had a read through the forums here and all point towards HT leads, coil pack or injectors. Had a spare set of leads, coil...