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  1. K

    Coilovers for a clio MK2 phase 1 1.2l 8v with a 52mm strut bolt spacing???

    Owner of a little MK2 Phase 1 2001 Y reg Clio grande here, fitted with a whopping 1.2l 8v with an air box held on with cable ties . Bought a used set of 172 sport shocks, springs and 4 alloy wheels but have recently come to find the rear shocks have popped, obviously the fronts didn’t fit so...
  2. C

    VMAXX Coilovers

    Was just wondering if anyone is using the VMAXX coilovers, my rears aren’t that low, almost flush though, any ideas if that’s the lowest it goes? Or how to make them lower? Thankyou :)
  3. L

    Geometry Clio 182 - Gaz Coilovers GHA

    Does anyone have guidance on a Geo set-up for a Clio 182 Cup with Gaz GHA Coilovers? It will be driven to and from the track but not much road use other than that so want it to be more track focused. Springs are 400 / 250.
  4. JKeillor94

    What brand is this?

    Any help appreciated! It isnt Eibach!
  5. J

    Cheap mk3 clio coilovers???

    I have a mk3 1.5dci 2010 and Want to know of any cheap coilovers. I put 3sdms on my clio with 5mm spacers to make them fit but this means the tyres stick out and there is about a 90mm gap from tyre to outside arch. I found coilovers on eBay called ta tuningart which said (fits mk3 clio box)...
  6. B

    Ktr coilovers 182

    Hi guys Does anyone know how high I should have my Ktr set to? It would be great if someone could tell me the hight from the centre of the wheel cap to the top of the wheel arch. I’m running 15” wheels if that helps. Thank you
  7. R

    Sourcing Coilovers! Help needed

    So recently I bought a new set of wheels for the new daily turd (2018 1.5dci clio), these wheels are a different size and different tyre wall size. So now I’m in the predicament of finding more lows, the cars already on eibach springs but it just isn’t enough and I’m not sure if you can fit the...
  8. G

    Lowering the Clio van 1.2

    I’ve got a clio van 1.2 I’m planning to deck it anybody know where I can get cheap coilovers from or some decent springs from that drive fine Idea’s???
  9. JB21

    MeisterR coilovers any good?

    Looking at these for the Celica I've just purchased. Anyone got any experience with them? Would be going with the Zeta CRD+ below, they come with fixed spring rates of 5kg front/7kg rear. Or should i just go with the BC racing BR's with custom damping...
  10. Moronm8

    Rear springs/ shocks to coilovers on mk2

    I'm a bit of a novice with cars, but it's what I love and I'm still learning so please forgive my idiocy I'm wondering if, on my MK2 Clio, I could replace the rear shock absorber and spring set up with coilovers? I know coilovers can be fitted to the front, but so far all I can see online is of...
  11. H

    New to the forum! 3 door "Stanced" Clio

    Hi! New to the forum , joining as ive had this for 6 months and joining to get some advice for when it goes wrong as well as provide some help to others! 2003 Clio 1.4 16v Coilovers Borbet T 14x8 (Toyo 195/45/R14 all round ) (will be refurbed in "Anthracite" at a later date) Yellow Fogs...
  12. Dimmock197

    Lowered 172 knocking?

    Hi all, I have lowered my 172 on ktec coilovers. It's not majorly low at all and has hardly any camber but ever since I put them on when I accelerate hard there's a knocking from the front left (sounds like driveshaft?) Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and knows how I can...
  13. J


    Hello i am wondering if Clio 3 coilivers are the same as k12 Micra coilovers or if they are similar and what parts need to be changed to fit?
  14. MrBlonde

    GAZ C Spanner Size

    After a set of C spanners for my Gaz GHA Coilovers,but what size do i need please?.i cant any info on this or any recommendation on a set.
  15. MrBlonde

    MrBlonde's 172 cup

    Went on a little drive today to get some upto date photos of my cup after fitting the smaller front plate,air ducts and coilovers!
  16. MrBlonde

    Testing Coilovers

    Sorry if it's been covered,but i didnt have any luck finding anything.How do you check a 2nd hand set of coilovers are ok?.i know obvs is leaks,but what else?.good set to ie Gaz etc
  17. Dimmock197

    Taught myself a lesson

    Taught myself a good lesson to not try and do things cheaply today Bought myself a 172 after selling my 197 a year back, bought the car for £900 with 84k and dephasor done with proof last year, full service history bla blah blah, seemed a bargain, then when I was driving it home thought it...
  18. Dimmock197

    Which coilovers to get

    Hi all, I'm looking for some coilovers for my 172 ph2. Now without sounding a cheap skate I only want to spend £500 max. And I'm torn between AP (which are obviously cheaper) and GAZ. can anyone help me?
  19. K

    Mk2 1.2 16v lowering

    Posting on behalf of a mate who recently got his first car (clio mk2 1.2 16v) hes fitted some alloys and a straight through hoffman exhuast and now he wants to lower it because the arch gap is huge, his question is where do you recomend buying springs/coilovers on a budget? Hes not looking to...
  20. R

    Will this rub?

    Running 17"s on my 2001 1.2 16v 205 45 17 tyred all round, will I be able to drop it 40mm cheers guys, euro does these amex springs 40mm was gonna get them
  21. R

    Clio MK3 GT 128

    Hi, new to the forum and was just wondering if anyone out there owns a Clio GT and how they've modified them (if at all) and what they like and dislike! I'm also looking for some coilovers, the mk3s look so much sportier but I can't find any for the GT's! Thanks!
  22. Ling9403

    Rally front Spring rates- 172

    Hi, Running a 172 for road rallying, so ride height is up. Looking to swap the 6" and helper spring out for a 10". Just looking for advised spring rates. Currently running 335lbs (KTec) I've been advised 190lbs. Any help would be great! Thanks