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LED headlight into mk2 clio

  Renault clio mk2 dci
Hello everyone!
I recently ordered a pair of h7 led headlight bulbs (, got a pair of h7 hid adapters as well, but now I'm clueless how they would fit together, i can't push through the actual bulb bit through the metal plate, and it doesn't sit flush against them either.
Any experience or advice with these kind of bulbs would be helpful.

Edit: Attached a picture of the bulb, the holder, and the adaptor

Thanks in advance


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  Renault clio mk2 dci

Aside from the fact that they blind oncoming traffic, like HIDs, they have terrible throw, so you won't be able to see anything more than 10-20 metres away.
That's a shame, after spending £30ish on it, they had good reviews tho. Thanks anyway