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  1. M

    JC5 assessment....

    Evening everyone, New to the world of Clio's after being bullied in to buying one buy a friend. Wish he'd have bullied me sooner. Currently looking to sort myself out a few spares and with so much talk of gearboxes, I think it might be best I get one on the shelf for back up at a later date...
  2. dillowUK

    172 baulk rings

    Hopefully someone can help, as I’m at a dead end! I’m looking for 1st gear 3piece baulk rings out of a JC5 129 (172 cup) I’m hoping someone can point me into somewhere to buy them, I’ve tried Renault but for some reason a different part turns up! (7701473108) A few other places say “can’t get...
  3. F

    Need GEARBOX info

    Okay so I’be been looking for a gearbox for a while now but I a bit confused as which will fit mine, I know it’s been discussed before but there is something I don’t understand and I can’t find any answers, so I have a 182 2004 so I need a JC5 130 although first question, Could I fit in a jc5...
  4. Aliween1400

    JB1 MK2 Clutch Options

    Hi Guys What are the options for performance clutches on jb1 boxed Clio mk2 non-sports? Will a sport friction or an f7p 1.8 friction work? Haven't got round to researching specs yet.......... Thanks
  5. blito2790

    Gearbox for 172 Ph1

    Hello everyone, will you help me get a good configuration for my gearbox, since I feel the fourth speed is very long, yesterday testing the car gets very slow in 4th to 6000 rpm goes to 135mph and is moving very slow, which Would you recommend changing, the final drive, or the gearbox? my car is...
  6. W

    Fifth Gear Part

    Does anyone know the part number for the JC5 longer 5th gear? The 42/31 one. It's the fifth gear fitted to: JC5-072 F9Q 736 Engine JC5-103 F9Q 736 Engine JC5-107 Megane 1.9dCi F9Q 105hp Gearbox JC5-109 JC5-120 JC5-138