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  1. prodriv3r84

    F4R and K4M S1600 Sodemo Lifters and Rockers

    Hello guys! Im looking for picture parts I need 2x Lifter + Rocker Anyone have it for sale or know where I can get it? I try to get them from Sodemo but no answer. Impossible contact. Cheers Ivo
  2. N

    K4M RS Intake straight fit?

    Yo guys I got my hands on a Twingo RS intake manifold. Would like to know if it is a straight fit on a normal K4M that comes out in the Clios. Thanks
  3. W

    Kangoo Trekka K4M-F4R

    Hello frens, Diogo the welder, from Warwickshire😊 Just flew to Scotland (proof) to buy a 2002 Kangoo 4x4 1.6 16v after years looking for one but it seems like the K4M is quite tired after the 7 hour drive (head sounds like a box of nails). There's plenty of oil but doesn't seem to be reaching...
  4. T

    Strange Noise When Engine Is Warm

    Hi, first of all i am sorry my english is not good. I have a Renault Clio II K4J. Everything is fine when the engine is cold. but when it starts to warm up, there is a rattling sound from inside the engine. I think it comes from the top of the engine, where the camshafts are. In the sound...
  5. S

    K4M project daily

    Hello everyone, new guy in the forum and to the clio scene coming from croatia. I own a ph1 clio k4m 1.6 16v dynamic, completley stock except oz superturismo 16" wheels that i got with the car when i bought it. The car looks stupid with stock suspension and those rims and also it is very soft...
  6. K

    Renault Clio RSi 1.6 16v Ph1 OEM+ Restoration

    After 2 years with my first car 1.2 8V ph2 clio, i decided it was time to upgrade. ( So i bought a ph1 clio RSi 1.6 16v pearl black , pretty rare here in Portugal, and this one specially because it's all stock. One day...
  7. B

    Brazilian Clio

    Hello fellas, my name is Brenno i'm from brazil and i own a 2001/2002 Clio RT 1.6 16V (K4M) To this next year i pretend to build a track focused car, and I need all the help and tips from the people here. Sry for my poor english
  8. K

    Should i change water pump when changing timing belt ?

    Hi guys I have a Renault clio III 1.6 16v, it's way overdue for a timing belt change (at 130 000km/80 000miles now) I have purchased a new timing belt and tensioner, do I need to replace the water pump as well ? And is there anything else I need to purchase ? Any additional information will be...
  9. M

    My funny daily car

    Hi all, I'm posting from Argentina, and this is my unique and daily and multi-purpose car haha :grin: It's a 2007 Clio 2 1.6 16v Dynamique colour Green Abyss with 98.000km Mods: K&N 57i IK Port & polished TB Iridium Spark plugs Decat & sport catback Double-action rally shocks Competition...