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  1. Green51

    Seeking Driveshaft Leak Advice

    Noticed a build up/splatter gearbox side of my passenger driveshaft. Can't see any tears in the boot and it seems to coming out the side, down the shaft while splattering on the steering rack and frame. (Wheels at full lock to the right when image taken). Metal clip isn't loose, can rotate it...
  2. AndyPembs182

    Wet left foot

    During a rather quick drive this morning I suffered a wet left foot in my 182... cold water, clear and didn’t really smell of anything. Dribbled out near the footrest, but then tunnel carpet was wet for about a foot behind that. What do we think? Heater matrix or a more general leak?
  3. F

    OBD2 CODES P0711 and B0500

    So no engine lights no nothing, i bought the scanner because ABS and ESP + serv lights do come on from time to time. So went to scan the codes and i find that : The idle is also a bit lumpy, so i through a clip in there. I did see that P0711 could refer to a low gearbox oil level, and i think...
  4. F

    Clio 182 FF can't find where my oil leak is from

    Hi ! First off, i'd like to clear the fact that i am in no way a technician and i dont even have no tools, i think christmas is gonna be time for me to invest haha. So i noticed a couple of weeks ago that my car has been leaking oil, when the car is resting in the garage.. Probable one or two...
  5. M

    Leaking sunroof - confused about which tape to use

    Hi, I've got a 2003 sunroof with the standard leaking sunroof. Whilst it is handy for giving my passenger's shoes a quick wash, I have been trying to fix. I checked the drain hole and scuttle wotsit arent blocked. I've looked at some you tube videos and got as far as figuring out that it is...
  6. SophOwen

    Oil loss

    Hi guys So I have a 2004 1.2 16v dynamique and I've done just under 2000miles in it. Not long after getting it, I done an oil service on it. I know I put in the correct amount and have checked for leaks. I've lost around about 2ltrs and had to top it up last Friday, checked it again this morn...
  7. rik220

    Scuttle drain blocked - where is outlet?

    Hi, My middle scuttle drain is blocked and flooding the drivers carpet and below the drivers seat. Water is not draining from the middle scuttle drain ( the hole below wipers is clear) so I assume the outlet for this is blocked. For the life of me I cannot find it... Can anyone describe where...
  8. IRD05

    Mk3 1.2TCe gearbox oil leak

    My lovely little (pain the behind) Clio has developed a gearbox oil leak 😧 The car has left lovely little puddles in my garage, on the drive and at work so may have been leaking for a little while. Appears to be coming from the passenger side, was just wondering if anyone has had...
  9. Ackroyd11

    Carpet soaked after rain.. leak!

    So my car has been parked up and for the second time after heavy rain my carpet in the drivers footwell and under the seat is soaking. Enevtually spreading to the passenger side. As i said before it is definately rain related. So before i go to town on it in the morning has anyone else...
  10. dane0

    heater matrix replacement help

    ive searched about loads of problems with the heater matrix. where abouts is it located? i started another thread about about my windscreen steaming up on hot fans and its possible mine might be leaking. i have read its a pig of a job to do but just wanting to know its location. im going to...
  11. dane0

    Air con

    Hi, I had my air con gassed and found a leak and it was empty in 2 days. I'm after a new air con seal and can't seem to find them separately and Renault want £18 for a kit. Is this the only option? I haven't opened the pipe yet to see what type of seal there is but I've seen some people buy...
  12. P

    Brake fluid leak

    So I've just stripped cleaned and refitted all callipers on my 182, replaced brake pipes, pads at the same time. All was going well untill the re-bleed process began. Now I have a puddle of fluid forming under the master cylinder area of the car. I have a feeling I was over pumping the brake...
  13. R

    Sunroof or Windscreen leak?

    So I went out to the car the other day after it had rained heavily, started driving and strangely my left arm became rather wet. It looks to me like the water is coming from behind the map light and that odd little grill next to it. I assume this is due to either a leaking sunroof or the top of...
  14. Louis

    New clio, first problems!

    Hi guys. Well, just bought a 2002 clio 3 days ago and having some problems. Basically today I woke up and went downstairs to see the clio lights were flashing. I thought I had left my hazards on but I hadnt, as they don't seem to even work. Anyway! Opened the car and the battery is obviously...