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Carpet soaked after rain.. leak!

So my car has been parked up and for the second time after heavy rain my carpet in the drivers footwell and under the seat is soaking.
Enevtually spreading to the passenger side. As i said before it is definately rain related. So before i go to town on it in the morning has anyone else experienced this and where is the best place to start? I do not have a sun roof and the rest of the interior is bone dry. Just the carpet which is wet. Thanks!!


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Have a search for blocked drainage hole under the scuttle panel . Seems to be one of the main culprits for this .


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That, and just the usual silly things like door seals, the window seals (should be perfectly flat to the window at the bottom on the outside) etc.
Re paste of my reply in another thread. Basically scuttle panel for me too. - Had exactly this occur on the Vee. It was the blocked drainage hose on the front bulk head. Was a lagoon under the wiper motor area, filled to the point it was coming in both sides through the heater motor cut out. I couldn't tell as it seemed dry in the front, but it was coming down the front foot wells under the carpet and collecting there at the rear in a puddle. Unblocked the pipe (it was solid jammed with leaves) all carpets out to dry, and it's been 100% dry for a couple of years now and just keep an eye on that pipe.

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So with the heads up i decided to tackle the blocked drainage hole. Firstly removing the wiper blade arms was difficult. But instead of pulling them off i twisted them as if they were switched on and that done the trick. Once I removed the covers I got a good look and as srt40 said the drainage hose was completely full of crap. Once i pulled it out gave it a clean and them put everything back together. Job sorted!