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  1. F

    Lowering and wheels

    So I've got a 2003 1.5dci, I want to put 15 inch rims on and Lower it. Whats the biggest rim/tyre size I can run and the lowest I should go? I've seen 40mm seems to be best but idk what wheel size they are. Thank in advance :)
  2. Asher172

    Picture Request - Cup Dampers & Grams Springs

    As the title states. Looking for anyone whos installed the Cup Dampers & Grams springs to their clio 172/182. Pictures of your car and ride height would be appreicated, i understand this is quite a popular set up from the guys at Kam Racing. Currently battling with cost vs not wanting the car to...
  3. ClioDude55

    Stancing a clio. What size rims?

    I’m gonna “stance” or at least lower my Clio mk2. What size rims looks good? Was thinking about 15 inch. Please post a pic if you have of a clio with 15-17 size wheels :)
  4. S

    Mk2 Clio Lowering spring suggestions?? 40mm? 60mm?

    Hi guys, about to lower my Mk2 Clio Extreme, just looking for suggestions on what lowering springs I should buy eg. 40mm or 60mm, which brand to choose, what looks best, what rides best and if there are any major drawbacks to using 60mm over 40mm etc. as you can see from the photo the wheel gap...
  5. M

    Bad vibration after lowering

    I've recently put Eibach pro kit springs on my car and now it has a really bad vibration through the full car but not the steering wheel when I hit 60+ mph. We've Rebalanced all four wheels and got them to zero, but now its gotten a lot worse and can now fell it coming through the steering...
  6. MrBlonde

    Testing Coilovers

    Sorry if it's been covered,but i didnt have any luck finding anything.How do you check a 2nd hand set of coilovers are ok?.i know obvs is leaks,but what else?.good set to ie Gaz etc
  7. K

    Mk2 1.2 16v lowering

    Posting on behalf of a mate who recently got his first car (clio mk2 1.2 16v) hes fitted some alloys and a straight through hoffman exhuast and now he wants to lower it because the arch gap is huge, his question is where do you recomend buying springs/coilovers on a budget? Hes not looking to...
  8. M

    1.2 spings choice?

    Hey guys. Hopefully an easy question for someone. I have a 2004 clio 1.2 16v and because the car isnt worth much and there isnt much point modifying it, im just wondering if the clio mk1 springs will fit the mk2 as the mk1 springs are alot cheaper. Just wanting a little nicer stance. Cheers...
  9. MrBlonde

    Lowered 172 cup springs

    I know its been covered loads & i have read other threads.I have eibach sportlines on my 172 cup at the mo with new dampers,but i want it to sit lower.So my 2 others choices are cooksport or H&R.So im just after a couple of side profile photos of 172 cups on either of these spring choices please...
  10. J

    Rookie wanting to lower a mk3 needs help

    I have purchased FK 40mm lowering springs and shocks. I am wondering how this will affect day to day life, for example is the car going to collapse on me driving to work?? is it going to fail MoT?? I hear a lot of talk about struts and quite frankly I know nothing. do I need to buy better strut...
  11. W

    Auxillary Belt Issues

    Hi All, I had my Auxillary belt changed around 12 months ago and now the new belt is wearing to the point it needs changing again! This is not usual as I believe they are meant to last 40k or so and ive done around 8k. Do you believe this could be to do with the last mechanic doing something...
  12. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    Alright guys, finally got round to sorting out a little project thread on here for my malaga orange 1.2. This is my first car so i dont want to be throwing loads of money at it. this is what it looked like at stock So the first thing i did was get some alloys, they were cheap and i fancied...