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  1. S

    Rear engine mount

    Looking to replace the rear engine mount/ dog leg bottom mount. 2 questions 1. How do you modify the original one to be more supporting and not get wobbly beyond silicone in the gaps. 2. The one for the automatic gearbox looks way more stable, will it fit manual cars?
  2. frayz

    PhillipM Engineered Dogbone - Finally a proper clever solution.

    Not sure if anyone else has seen one of these yet, but i am so impressed by it, I felt the need to share. I recently fitted a new prototype Poly dogbone from PhillipM. This is really quite impressive, much improved gear selection and control of the engines torque reaction. However absolutely...
  3. PhillipM

    Uprated poly exhaust mounts - how many interested?

    Hi all, some of you might have seen my posts in Rich's thread about poly exhaust mounts - I made a simple version of these when my brother used to have a Clio because it kept killing mounts, just a set we glued in, and they lasted until he sold it - but after reading the thread I spent a bit of...
  4. jamie_trials

    Upper gearbox mount bolt size

    Hey guys, I've developed a knocking noise in the 182 and decided I needed to have a look at it. Turns out that the exhaust manifold has been knocking on the heatshield because my upper gearbox bracket has given in. Hopefully it will be able to be welded as it seems that its not cracked, its just...
  5. Rystar

    Rear Exhaust Mount Bolt Spinning

    Hi Guys, Recently bought the powerflex exhaust bush that pushes into the standard mount. Went to unbolt the exhaust mount and the centre of the three bolts is just spinning now after some considerable force. Im guessing there was a captive nut welded on the back that has snapped off leaving me...