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  1. B

    Clio side skirts

    Hi Does anyone know if people still make or know where to get the 172/182 lookalike side skirts that fit on a non sport? Only one I can find is on eBay from Poland but I'm not paying the £80 list price with a £450 shipping charge on top. Thanks in advance
  2. K

    Renault Clio Mk2 Ph2 Angel Eye

    Hi, I have a mk2 ph2 clio, I'm looking to upgrade to Angel Eye headlights. I'm wondering if anyone has any pics of how these light up the road at night? Still indecisive, however apparently the bulbs are interchangeable, after asking around on ebay. Looking to purchase before Christmas, any...
  3. Asher172

    Iceberg Silver 172 - First Track Car Build

    Hi All and welcome to my Clio Mk2 172 build. To give a brief background, ive had a few cars now which ive built/modified mainly for 'stance' and 'show' purposes, ranging from Civics, e36's to my most recent being an R34 Skyline. As ive gotten a little older and bored of the show scene, ive had...
  4. C

    Need help with resistor wiring for Renault sport seats in a 1.2 with no air bags in the seat!

    Can someone please please help, ive just brought a set of i believe 172 seats that have air bags on the side of them and i want to swap out my old ones which dont have air bags in and the wiring is completely different. First picture is the wiring on my passenger seat in the car at the moment...
  5. Optimista

    Renault Megane Berline 2.0 16v F7R swap

    Hey guys, time to show my project :smile: So, this is my Megane berline ph2 from year 2000. Original engine is 1.4e and after 318 000 kilometers it decided to blow it's head gasket for the 3rd time.. I didn't want to invest in 1.4e engine anymore and then i came up with an idea to put and...
  6. Captain Hat

    Trouble removing front doors on a 172 Cup

    So long story short I need to remove the driver's door from my 172 Cup and I've got to the pins and removed the clips but the pins aren't budging. Is this common? Is there a trick to it or a particular tool that makes it easier? Do I just need to find a way to hit the pins harder? So far I've...
  7. t90_lle

    Turbo Monaco 172

    I've got my build thread but thought I'd post some pics in here for a change since not everyone reads projects :up: A few shots with @182_steve super clean 182.
  8. Clio


    172 ph2
  9. Clio


    172 ph2
  10. Clio


    172 ph2
  11. Clio


    172 ph2
  12. Clio


    172 ph2
  13. Clio


    172 ph2
  14. Clio


    172 ph2
  15. Clio


    172 ph2
  16. Clio


    172 ph2
  17. Clio


    172 ph2
  18. Clio


    172 ph2
  19. Rystar

    Just some pictures of my ph2 172

    Hi All, Just realised I've never actually posted any pictures of my 172 on here, so I'm fixing that now, hopefully this works as I'm using the 'upload a file' function on a mobile so here goes nothing 😂 So far I've only changed the wheels since owning it but I hope to progress it on...
  20. cliosscott

    Scotts 172 cup

    So after a year of procrastonating and buying crap cars, i finally bit the bullet and flew from belfast to middlesbrough to buy this lovley 172 cup. I spoke to 10 different people and went over to sheffield for a 182 2 weeks ago to find out it was a heap, so it tooksome serious amout of...
  21. joswah

    Key Fob stopped working this morning, bought new battery and still no luck [MK2 Phase 2]

    First post here as a lurker, had an issue this morning with my key fob it worked first thing and as I got to university and leaving the car the fob wouldn't work. I went to a local watch shop to buy the CR1220 battery that the keyfob takes and put it into the key and still no luck. Does this...
  22. Captain Hat


    I would like to replace my engine undertray (I don't really need to, but it's got some damage on it and I'd like to). Since they seem to get damaged or thrown away a lot I'm not holding out much hope of finding an intact one second hand on here, but I would like to know if there is any real...
  23. Captain Hat

    172 Cup windscreen

    Having checked a few threads on here there seems to have been a little- not much, but a little- confusion over the years but the general consensus seems to be that the Ph2 172 Cup's windscreen is the same as a standard base-model no-electronics-or-electrics Clio 1.2's windscreen and is not...
  24. C

    Mk2 Ph1 tail lights on a Mk2 ph2?

    Hi guys, I was going to get a Clio mk3 due to better safety but decided that the mk2 is my true clio love lol. :hearteyes: The mk3 is somehow more boring looking. Back in high school I fell in love with a purple-blue (nymphea) Clio mk2 ph1. I didn't like the ph2 triangle front lights and rear...