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Gearbox repair kit .... any recommendations?

The car is a 2005 Clio 182 cup..... it jumped out of first gear last weekend and I think it can only get worse. I have a break from competition for a few weeks so now seems a good time to refresh the 'box. I'm thinking of a kit that includes at a minimum some new bearings, synchos and seals. Redline mtl seems the oil of choice?
A hillclimb mate owns the local garage and they will do the work for me but I want to make sure I get the best parts. I have found some kits on ebay but I'm not sure of their quality or completeness.

Any recommendations gratefully accepted.


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  dan's cast offs.
for the price of a new box i'd be tempted to go for one of them, basic rebuild kit as over £300 now, add a selector and couple of gears and you can be getting towards £500!!


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  dan's cast offs.
a thought they were best part of a grand last year but never actually priced them. will speak to paul at fish tomorrow and see what price he can do them for.


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  Titanium 182
So it's £924 from PMS, but you get £210 back when they receive a box in exchange?


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You can't get anywhere near the price of a service exchange box if you add it all up with new bearings and seals.
I'd be finding out the lead time for a service exchange box as well tbh. Last time I enquired (a month or so ago) there was no lead time given - as in no stock!
Thanks for all the feedback...... it gave me a really good start point.
I had a good chat with a very knowledgeable guy at PMS this lunchtime. His advice was ...
  • Double check the dogbone mount (the harsh treatment it gets at tyre warming / off the line can cause things to move, pulling the car out of first gear).
  • Double check the gear change linkage adjustment (mine is some sort of non standard short shift)
  • If I go for a gearbox refresh kit then it's not that simple job to rebuild the gearbox
  • If I go for a recon gearbox option then I will still have to swap the diff (I have a quaife ATB in my current box)
I will chat the options through with my mechanic mate. Thanks.