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  1. P

    Clio Sport speedometer

    Hi guys, I have just bought Clio sport ( year 2OOO - ph1) and the speedo does not work - typical problem. However i tried to find the sensor on the gearbox and i am afraid it is not there( or i could not find it), since the gearbox is probably from a newer model - which used the ABS sensor. Is...
  2. Andy_in_Ireland

    Photo: Circuit Board of Clio 2 dash (speedo/rev counter/petrol gauge/temp gauge)

    Got the Dash out of my 2002 Clio 2 8v Expression at the moment and just thought I would take it apart and take photo of the circuit board behind the dials - (for those who maybe intrigued what's it like but dont want to risk taking it apart like I did) - the bulbs (warning bulbs and...
  3. SWL16

    Speedo Problem

    So after doing my dash conversion, before I put the dash back on, I checked that the speedo was working OK and displaying the right speed (vs. cruise control). All good, happy days. Put all the dash back on, screwed in and take it for a drive and I get this... Notice the needle move to the...
  4. JP83

    Main beam, horn, clocks all not working

    So had a small accident with a socket extension bar hitting my battery terminal(s) the other night and it caused all sorts of problems. However, I'm now down to having no working main (high) beam, horn, or clocks. Main beam: no click at the stalk and no blue light on the dash. Clocks...
  5. Carlos_2017

    Dash bulbs

    Anyone know where/what bulbs are used the light the speedo, clock and heater setting screen? I've got some crappy blue ones in there (already there when I bought it) I just want the original colour back!
  6. AidenJohnson

    Rev + Temp gauge not working

    Hi guys, Little issue.. my rev gauge and temperature gauge seems to just not be working, all the others are fine though?