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  1. MaxB

    Eibach on a non-sport

    Sorry to be that guy to make another lowering spring thread but I'm torn between the prolines and sportlines for my 1.2. If anyone has any experience with either of the two or any photos of how the car sits with them then that would be really appreciated 🙂
  2. S

    Mk2 Clio Lowering spring suggestions?? 40mm? 60mm?

    Hi guys, about to lower my Mk2 Clio Extreme, just looking for suggestions on what lowering springs I should buy eg. 40mm or 60mm, which brand to choose, what looks best, what rides best and if there are any major drawbacks to using 60mm over 40mm etc. as you can see from the photo the wheel gap...
  3. O

    New springs for Bilstein B14 PSS

    I would like to hear if anyone has tried changing springs on their Bilstein B14 PSS kit. I have them on my Clio 2.0 16V -2000. The car is only used as a trackday car and dragged around using my car trailer. I would like harder springs and are thinking like 100Nm/mm both back and front. Today the...
  4. dane0

    Sportlines fitted now knocking noise

    Hi, I had eibach sportlines and new top mounts fitted yesterday and now when going around corners or parking you can hear the springs constantly knocking as I move the steering. is this normal for the first few days or is something not right here? I've had a search and I can only find a ton of...
  5. Captain Hat

    Looking for replacement 172 Cup parts

    What's the best place to look for replacement stock bits for a 172 Cup? I'm looking for brake discs and pads, shocks and springs just now. None of it's urgent, but I like to start doing my research early. On a not entirely related note, what's the most cost-effective route to go down if I'm...
  6. Joe Wootten

    URGENT! Broken spring!

    Hi guys, Was having some new tyres fitted today and found I've got a snapped front spring..:(, now Im stuck between going for a set of lowering springs or just buying two new front springs.. Do the lowering springs go well with the cup dampers? Don't want to ruin the rife and handling of my...
  7. K

    Mk2 1.2 16v lowering

    Posting on behalf of a mate who recently got his first car (clio mk2 1.2 16v) hes fitted some alloys and a straight through hoffman exhuast and now he wants to lower it because the arch gap is huge, his question is where do you recomend buying springs/coilovers on a budget? Hes not looking to...
  8. G

    Suspension problem

    I have 1.2 16v clio and i noticed that my car is not standing straight it was leaning on drivers side, so mechanic told me that my front spring broke and ive ordered new one he changed it and said u should replace the 2nd one too so i bought another one and replaced it but they are higher and...
  9. R

    Will this rub?

    Running 17"s on my 2001 1.2 16v 205 45 17 tyred all round, will I be able to drop it 40mm cheers guys, euro does these amex springs 40mm was gonna get them
  10. MrBlonde

    Lowered 172 cup springs

    I know its been covered loads & i have read other threads.I have eibach sportlines on my 172 cup at the mo with new dampers,but i want it to sit lower.So my 2 others choices are cooksport or H&R.So im just after a couple of side profile photos of 172 cups on either of these spring choices please...
  11. R

    Clio MK3 GT 128

    Hi, new to the forum and was just wondering if anyone out there owns a Clio GT and how they've modified them (if at all) and what they like and dislike! I'm also looking for some coilovers, the mk3s look so much sportier but I can't find any for the GT's! Thanks!