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  1. D

    Need some help/advice Clio mk3 1.2Tce

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post for help Today I turned on my Clio mk3 1.2Tce and it took double the amout of time to start. Usually it has been very consistent but now it’s not I tried taking it for a drive to warm up the engine and then try to start it again and the same...
  2. Jacpac5

    MK3 Clio TCE performance exhaust

    There's quite a few threads already but most of them seem to be from a couple years back now unfortunately. I was looking to see where I can get a good exhaust that's a bit more free flowing for the TCE.
  3. R

    Clio 0.9 TCE injectors.

    Hi guys, Recently bought a 0.9 TCE clio and so far quite enjoying it as a little run around. Have thought about doing little bits to it eventually, nothing major but understand it is a small engine and probably can't handle too much. The injectors - are they the same size as the ones...
  4. Jacpac5

    Misfiring in neutral on Clio TCE?

    Looking at buying a Clio tce and found one but it's saying it's misfiring in neutral? Is this something which can easily be resolved or is it just going to be easier to look at a different car? This is the link : Haven't found anything close to this cheap for a similar spec but that does make...
  5. M

    Washer jet hose location (clio mk3 tce)

    Hey, I just changed my washer bottle today as my pump was not working, but now I have run into a problem with the front washers and think it's down to the hose as it is pumping water out the pump but not when the hose is on. I'm wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to change the front washer...
  6. IRD05

    Mk3 1.2TCe gearbox oil leak

    My lovely little (pain the behind) Clio has developed a gearbox oil leak 😧 The car has left lovely little puddles in my garage, on the drive and at work so may have been leaking for a little while. Appears to be coming from the passenger side, was just wondering if anyone has had...
  7. R

    Boost gauge install

    hey guys, I've got a mk4 Clio tce90 and I'm looking to put a boost gauge on my a pillar and I will be buying a vaccum gauge. Trouble is I'm having a brain fart as I cannot work out where I need to put the vacuum hose :/ Here is a picture of my engine bay (stunning I know......) Any help would...
  8. L

    Clio 1.2 TCE, Misfiring When Warm

    First of all, let me just say that I love this car, although it is a pain in the a**. Just to give you a bit of background, I bought my 2009 Clio (the 1.2 TCE model) back in March, with 31,000 miles on the clock. The check engine light came on the day after I bought it but went out as I was...
  9. Molzo

    My First project a Clio MK3 TCE 1.2 SX (girl owner)

    Hi guys, for some reason my images will not show on my original post so I am trying again :) Here's Leo when I first got it. Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable...
  10. Molzo

    My Clio Mk3 Dynamique 1.2 tce sx

    My Clio as Standard: Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable mirrors. Air-conditioning. When i brought this my side skirt was cracked and the air con was not...
  11. S

    Clio III TCe 100 injectors and remap

    I have a Clio 3 TCe 100, love the car, love the engine, just think it needs 15 - 20 extra hp to get it to 'hot hatch' level fun. I've read that an off-the-shelf remap will take it to 125hp, but I'm sceptical because I know the standard injectors are hitting nearly 100% duty cycle. Does anyone...
  12. S

    TCe 100 fuel injectors

    Hi all, new to forum, looking for some advice. I own a Clio mk3.5 1.2 TCE 100. I like the engine, it's nice and revvy for a turbo car, but seems lack throttle response. I'm thinking of getting a remap done, but I've heard doing this on the standard injectors will result in little/no power gains...
  13. Y

    Clio TCe high idle

    Hello everyobne, i've got a 08 Clio Mk3 TCe, some days ago car started to idle around 1k rpm even when warm, and i found that this "valve" has problem. You can if its major or not? And what exactly is this? Normally it was connected like in the photo, now its not connected and i idle aroun 1k...