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  1. GrahamS

    172 cup, r26 f1, 5 gt turbo. T wells north farm right now

  2. M

    Blue 172 cup turbo. YK03VBM. Gosforth North East

    Today around 4pm joining the A1 southbound. Had a sticker in the rear window and what looked like a yozza? Very clean also. I wasnt sure about it being an actual turbo until it spooled up and left us ;)
  3. Daniel

    My friends Cavalier Turbo for sale. No reserve.

  4. I

    My Clio 197 Turbo

    Hi there, After my first Boosted Lunar Grey Clio 200 (Forged R26 engine, 300bhp) I'm coming back with a new one. This time it's a Clio 197 : ​ Sport Cat Custom Exhaust Custom Intercooler Forge Dump Valve Megane R26 engine and Gearbox ...... The car was already swapped when I...
  5. D

    TuRbo or supercharge kit

    Hi guys, Looking at spending some money on my 172 cup, been looking at turbos and superchargers. K-tec racing do these but are a bit expensive. Don't wanna spend more than what the car is worth if you get my meaning. So if anyone has a second hand kit etc let me know, if I don't get one I will...
  6. Coops Mk1

    Turbo Wideangle HDR Set

    First bash at HDR and using the wideangle for some distortion. bit marmite i'm sure but I love it!lol! final image is a crop of the first one, not sure which I prefer! Ben Renault Clio 16v Turbo HDR 1 by Coops_Turbo, on Flickr Renault Clio 16v Turbo HDR 3 by Coops_Turbo, on...
  7. T

    coops turbo ripley maccy d's

    In his mk1 now
  8. C

    Turbo actuator

    Check injection came up on dash plus spanner light went to local garage put on code reader came up with turbo actuator and glow plug garage don't have a clue has anyone else had it if so what was it
  9. Kelman70

    What is the best ECU to be used on 172/182 turbo coversion?

    Hi Folks Another question regarding turbo conversions Been looking back through older threads regarding ecu's for turbo conversions on 172/182 Omex 600 seems to be a popular one but seems a bit dated in terms of technology. I believe the EC-1 is good if you want to retain the original...
  10. Kelman70

    Clio 172/182 diferences between Low & High Pressure Turbo conversions

    I have been looking into carrying out a turbo conversion shortly on either a 172 or 182. Now i'm looking for someone to clarify a few points for me in relation to low and high pressure conversion differences I presume low/high pressure is reffering to boost pressure?? a low pressure turbo...