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  1. O

    Renault Clio 182 wiring

    Hello, I am I need of the wiring loom that attaches to this plug. Im guessing this goes to the bcm. I am planning on doing an engine swap with this engine and It will be needed for the ignition switch
  2. J

    Clio Mk2 1.2 16V Electric Window UCH fault

    So, to cut a long story short, I have a problem with my Clio UCH box (no surprise there). The problem is, I can put my driver’s side window down, but not back up. The passenger’s side works perfectly fine. I know for certain it is the UCH box as the relays click very loudly a lot and sometimes...
  3. K

    Any guru's about? Car is literally dead UCH fault?

    So Ive just gone to go out and the key fob does nothing, it light's up on the key but the car doesn't react. Opening the door with the key sets of the alarm which will not switch off, the car will also not start. The indicators do not flash.. It is lifeless.
  4. Joe Wootten

    Strobing Headlights (Fault)

    Looking for someone to cast some light on a problem i've got with my 182, Past few days my headlights have been going on and off, you can hear the relay in the passenger foot-well going crazy, ive changed the relay and no luck with that and now today its started messing with the wipers and...
  5. Hazza462

    UCH Relocation

    How have people mounted their UCH in track/race cars. Just in the process of making a bracket for mine and looking for some inspiration. Would be awesome if anyone has any useful pictures of theirs :smile: TIA
  6. ellisg93

    A Series of Electrical Issues

    Really need some help please! Have some electrical issues that i'm struggling to diagnose as i'm brand new to these cars. - Passenger window - doesn't go up or down... I've replaced the switches both sides as i've heard this is a common issue. Before I did this, I did manage to get it to go up...
  7. C

    UCH Fault Headlights, Sidelight, Dashlights all going off when driving

    Evening, having some issues with my 2005 182 cup. When driving along my lights keep randomly turning off and on. Relay is clicking under the passanger footwell as they go on and off. This is everything Headlights, Sidelights, Dashlights, Hazard lights! It can be totally random or sometimes on...
  8. B

    Help! Power window Issue with 172.

    Hey All, first time poster, 8 month lurker (ever since i got my new baby) I've had some issues with it, mostly solved by the mechanic but i'm trying to get more hands on with it myself. anyhoooos, my intermittent power window issue became a permanent issue today, and now i can't get my...
  9. Tom-172

    UCH Repair

    Has anyone used TachoSoft for UCH repair before? Seen the advert on eBay and seems a good price. Thinking of sending mine away for repair with them. Any other good companies people have used? Look at this on eBay
  10. C

    UCH problems?

    Evening gents/ladies; Car in question is a 2003 1.2 16v Clio. I believe i have a UCH problem but i'd just like a few opinions before i go down the route of repairing it. history: I bought the car as a non starter, the car had a factory fitted cobra alarm system on it, I have ripped out the cobra...