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£600 leather interior for 16v

For a tiny bit more you could get yours retrimmed, and have a pick of any colour!

BTW how rare are 16vs with leather? How many were made approx.? Anyone know?

I recon you could buy mine off me for that!
It all depends how much you want it. Someone out there will pay it.

Yeah, i wouldnt wanna pay nearly that much - you would be a real mug to pay that much for a interior - i mean for that u could have some real mans reclining recaros top of the range lovleys, I cant believe that any one would see that as value, and yes rockport i think so.

leather is for gimps anyway (literally)

i have a week till glenn reads this as he is off work but then i imagine he will moan at me for dissing ludicrisly expensive leather interiors, oh well.

if any of u wanna buy a slightly damp and mouldy interior out of a meastro for 800 quid then just drop me a line.


then spank my ass and call me a gimp!
Im one of the lucky ones - leather as standard!!
Why would I wanna fork out for recaros when I already have some of the most comfy sports seats there are (reclining with lumbar support!!) Hehehehe
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah theres a very simple reason why you see hardly any 16v or Willy with aftermarket seats (or aftermarket steering wheels come to think of it, although theyre not quite as rare) - its cos Renault actually got it right first time.

Leather can be had for less than £600 but if youre thinking about spending that kind of cash think about a couple of hundred more and having a custom retrim of your own.

My leather is the nuts, came with it as standard (unmarked grey) gets a bit sweaty though which is the only complaint,
I also think that they are really comfy and supportive

Dont get me wrong - leather interiors are ok but if your car didnt come as standard with one and you are only getting a standard one that did i dont think it is worth 600 quid and if you were to spend that kinda money i would rather get some awesome recaros.
custom retrims are cool to its just i would make sure the rest of my car was amazing before going down that ally.


  clio williams, Ph1 172

Seems a bit steep but i guess people will pay it. I mean it cost about £800 Extra when new. The seats are nice too. Pin pricked grey leather with height adjustable and lumbar support. I like mine. I was lucky to have it ready.
For me a standard leather interior looks better than a retrim and your car will be worth more with the proper renault leather than it will with a retrim.

Are we just a we tad jelous?
I bought a second hand set of standard 16v leather. Could have got some aftermarket seats that will squeek all the time, coz they aint made for the car. But i didnt.

urrr- jealous? - not really i can get a leather interior for a porshce boxter for less than that, so should i want a leather interior i could have one - i just preffer function over looks when it comes to interiors.


Id like to see you get the whole of your interior re-trimmed for less than £600.

The interior Ive just sold is Autolux leather, very expensive.!

And I do mean the whole interior, not just seats and doors!

Im talking all pieces of plastic trim (door & window surrounds), custom padded rear shelf, custom padded roof liner, handbrake gator, custom made floor mats with edges trimmed in leather... etc....

So ur prefer bucket seats that dont go up and down? No lumber support? Or a set of sidewinders that end up sittin really high in the car?
Well i know whats more comfortable. Oh and they look good too.
Go ang get your nice cheap Porsche interior then, put it in your front room. Could look good?
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Each to their own , but im with Tony on this one!! Ive just bought a 172 interior for my car, so there!

Comfy seats in CAR!

put it this way, i picked up a near perfect grey leather laguna interior including doorcards for 160 quid.

mate if u pay that ur bonkers

try offering em 200 quid lol

  honda accord 2.4 type s

"mate if u pay that ur bonkers"

"try offering em 200 quid lol"

Whos saying anything about paying that??