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  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
hi all, out of interest i have an N reg clio oasis 1.2, but iv been told that you can put a 1.4 straight in without having to change any mounts ect, BUT then i was told it has to be a certain 1.4 engine that will go straight in, ie 1.4 energy ect, does anyone know which engine it is?

i know i know people will say 'just put the 1.8 in instead' but i dont want to, i want put the 1.4 in :)

any help would be brill!
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Well there are two different 1.4 engines for that age, the Diet or the Energy. Then I think there are various different variations, like TypeE etc.

Someone far more knowledgeable will probably tell you
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I used to have a 1.2 16v, my mate had the 1.4 16v.

There is no difference between speeds/ acceleration in the two engines mate, be pointless swapping.

Only time you'd see the difference would be at motorway speeds, so i really wouldnt bother for the money it'll cost ya.
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
this is the mk1, so its 8v, mates got the 1.4 and it does seem nipper/faster whatever you wanna call it,
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It would be a bit ignorant to say it won't be faster.

Same car, bigger engine with more power... You do the math. Can't help you on engine names for those though. Is it a 8v or 16v that you're throwing in ?
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
its another 8v, did they do a 1.416v mk1? if so il put one of them in, but the engine i had in mind was a 1.4 8v, but i dunno which 'model' it is
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They didnt make a 1.4 16v mk1. Both will fit in! You wont need mounts etc but you will need ecu and gearbox for both energy and diet engines. The diet engines were only on the phase 3s. The energy engines were used in phase 1 and 2. Why dont you tune your 1.2? Thats what I did and got it to 78bhp withought doing too much. Could prob have gone higher had I kept the car. I believe the energy engines have more potential for higher bhp gains :D
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
ajketley said:
Why dont you tune your 1.2?
yeah i was thinking About that at one stage but i just feel id rather start with a 1.4 block, cos then you have slightly more to start with if that makes sense. so ideally its the energy model i wanna be getting my hands on?
cheers for the replies!
Yeah, the 1.4 will drop straight in. The one you are after is the 1.4 energy engine. I'm not sure about the ECU but you can re-use, the enigine mounts, driveshafts, gearbox and probably everything else tbh. The other thing is that they look identical to anyone just looking into the bay, even Mr Insurance ;)

If you want more info try asking over on and you will find out everything for sure.