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1.2 16v to a 1.6 or higher engine conversion

hey guys have been looking at changing my car the last few weeks, as all my mates have upgraded to faster motors, they have a fiesta zetec s and a 1.6astra sxi....i want some more power...still have 4500 left on finance to pay on my 05 clio dynamique and as trade in the fookers at renault are only giving me the value of the finance, so that leaves me with not alot of money and no car...hmmm

today my mate had an idea, instead of changing the car wot about converting the engine...i know k-tec do the 182 conversion now and thats 2500 i'm guessing thats engine and labour, wot yal think about sticking a 1.6 into the 1.2, how hard is this to do...will it cost alot, do yal think its worth it...are there alot of things to change...

it sounds a good idea as wud not loose the stuff i have done on the car so far which is effort and costly to change like the dvd flip screen and the clifford...

any ideas or oppinions wud be wicked guys

thanks alot vic
Forget the 1.4/1.6 to much work for such little gains. I can make a list of what you need but its a long lone Matt seels the 172 conversiosn for £1.5k+vat then £500 to £1k to fit it then say £300 for new clutch etc.
Much better buying a old 172 IMO you can get thm for £3k.

Then again I woulnd't buy one whats the point going a bit quicker get a 400cc motrobike and you'll go a lot quicker.

So mnay people spend a fortune trying to keep up with the mates faster cars whats the point or maybe I'm just to old now.
If you want to go faster learn to drive and get some coilovers and decinet tyres.
i like the idea of the bie but i have a very sure feeling will kill myself....have already written off my old 106 and my old2004 1.2 clio
  E36 M3. 182
dont bother with 1.4/1.6, if youre serious about going quick get a 172/182 conv. You can still get quick cars for not much money though:evil: