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1.2 8V Speedo Inop + No Power Steering

  Honda Integra Type R
This is pretty embaressing having to come on a clio forum to ask whats up with your car when your a Renault Technician (Apprentice)

Anyway on the way home my speedo started to not work and also as the journey went on the steering got very heavy.

i had just finished wiring up my Cd player when it blew the fuse on the head unit.

surely this cant be related.

Phoned a mate he said the Alternator could be overcharging but i dotn have a multimeter at home to check.

Anyone shed some light

  Megane dci 130
I wouldnt of thought the two were linked. The speedo issue will be the speedo transducer on the back of the gearbox.

Is it a ph2 clio with electric steering?
  Honda Integra Type R
yes mate 51 plate clio ph2.

I was thinking that too maybe the switch but just weird how the power steering started to go aswell.

although the power steering is working fine again weird