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1.2 brake pads.. Ferodo?

Ive got OEM pads in at the moment, They work ok but i wouldnt mind some better stopping power, Ive got standard discs and pads, And the fluids been changed with DOT4.

I feel i had better grip before i changed to newer (these disks and pads are on about 4k now so bedded in), I might try some Ferodo pads.

Is there anywhere cheaper than here?

I think i remeber Foxy saying he got some from halfords when he had his ph2 for about £20 ?

  Lotus Exige, 182
I'm not sure why you'd bother to be honest with a 1.2, although I note the link is not to the DS2500 and so I can't really comment. Seems a waste of money to me though, your pads are barely bedded in and they should be good for a long while yet.

Are you really going to be going fast enough to notice the difference on the road (I don't with mine to be honest, but I track my car where they're great)? Are you planning to track yours? Not such a stupid question, there was a chap with a 1.6 focus estate on one of the day's I've done, looked like he had a lot of fun!
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i had these along with the k tec racing big brake conversion kit on my 1.2 and they made a massive difference in stopping power i felt. not sure if it was due to the pads or the 285mm discs but one thing i noticed was that they produced alot of dust
Im not looking to track no, It just feels like these different pads are crap.

Wi have a little sunday drive i feel the brakes are lacking tbh.

I can see what your saying about them being a waste of money if they arent good, Thats what i want to find out if its worth me spending 50odd quid on some pads.

If they do enhance braking then ill go for them.

What about the KTR ultimax pads, Anyone used those?
Got some Ferodo pads for £18.99 today from halfords.

Fitted them, Had to file the sides down. Braking is amazingly better. Didnt feel like i was going to stop before but these pads are a lot better.

Worth it id say. Dont think there the ones K-tec are selling though.
I fitted ds2500's to my wifes old 1.2 dynamique. I love these pads. Some might say it's ott for a 1.2 but I think it's worth it for how they feel and preform. Plus they lasted longer than the oem pads (but twice the price)