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1.2 clio... need ideas and opinions please

  mk2 ph1 clio
here we have my clio 1.2 grande...

it has just had a full 182 interior fitted, aswell as phase 2 rear lights...
it has been lowered 60mm all round, not sure what model clio the alloys are off but i think sprayed up they look quite nice on the car...
also had front fogs fitted :)

would like to hear your opinions and ideas please :)



ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Welcome :)

Get some pictures up by the way... Seems like you already are doing the common ph1 mods - ph2 rear lights, fogs so thats a great start! Would love a 182 interior myself, the standard seats are gaayy!

My suggestions next would be dual optic headlights if you haven't got them and clear side repeaters!
  Fabia VRS
Sounds good to me buddy ! as said dual optics, and a nice set of alloys ( if you havnt got some already) :) then post some pics


ClioSport Moderator
What you've done so far mate sounds good, dual optics are a good shout if you haven't got them already. Fogs also update the front end nicely. (got mine coming this week)

As for ideas, my project thread shows every update I've done to the car, but here's my most recent pics.

Mods include:

Dynamic/ph1 172 spoiler
Ph2 rear lights
Dual optic headlights
Ph1 172 interior
Ph2 rear bumper
Lowered 60mm



/pic wh0re ;)
  Ph1 track 172
ph2 door strips are a good mod also,
and ph2 rear bumper as said
also some colour coding,

i did the dual optics, and fogs, then colour coded, works really well.

another pic ***** lol.

also a new splitter is a common choise mod.


ClioSport Moderator
Colour coding on yours looks epic, you have it done or do it yourself?

Ph2 side strips are the way forward, is one of my mods, not too many left now.

May have to colour code around the fogs that arrive later this week too, looks bang on.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
I think you need to do the following....

Fit a new splitter
Fit Dual optics
Get dent man to get all the shopping dents out
Needs a load of bumper gel & tyre shine
Fit black phase 2 side strips.


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf GTI, Jap Tank.
Look nice buddy! Very tasteful mod's there! As Dan said tbh and you have a winner.
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Like it although dont like what you done with the boot button and hate that gash exhaust, do what dan said and will be nice.
  mk2 ph1 clio
i dnt like the exhaust either... that was there when i bought it and not got round 2 gettin a new 1 tbh
  mk2 ph1 clio
thanks... :) been drivin me crazy trying to do that lol... im thinking bout resprayin bonnet, roof and spoiler to black then the badge to red... hmm
Looks a nice project you've got there with a nice few touches done to it already.

Agree with Daniel on the shopping dent comments though.

Unsure about the exhaust :S

And your wheels look like standard wheels from a Ph2 172FF

Fix splitter with staple gun or screws and a rear wiper cover for the retaining nut would be good ;)
  mk2 ph1 clio
just waiting to get a workshop setup then goin 2 hav all dents fixed on car and giv it a quick once over... keeping same colour tho... alot of stuff i wanna do... and it will get done asap... mite fix splitter 2day, depending on weather mite do calipers 2day aswel... did hav chance or a carbon fibre splitter other day but its off the ph2 so dnt fit... was gutted
lol was that my carbon fibre splitter u wanted lol. car looks so much better in real life, too bad about the dents, but they will be sorted once your booked into bodyshop! keep at it and it might look better than mine! lol! Adam


ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Looks well so far mate! Definately needs dual optics and clear side repeaters! All around the car seems to look really dull to me, maybe its just the lack of sun etc in the photos but i think maybe paintings the diamonds on your alloy wheels and the 1 on your front bonnet silver will sparkle it up!

Buy yourself some Autoglym Bumper Care to polish the plastic trim, it will bring it up well! :) Good mods so far though!