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1.4 clio 2 lost power and now wont start, coil/glow plug light is on

  renault clio 1.4 16v
howsit gents, as the title suggests my clio decided to die, (clio 1.4 mk2) tried searching here but only got immobilizer problems which is not the case here...

car was running perfectly then when i pressed the clutch in to turn up my mates drive way the revs dropped right down to nothing and the little coil (glow plug light) came on on the dash along with the engine stop light flashing. tried restarting it and the engine stop light would come on solid and cut the starter after 2 seconds. left the car for a while hoping that the gods would smile apon me and send little gnomes to fix it or something but no luck:p. when i came back to try again the engine stop light says off however the glow plug light stays on solidly, the engine turns over no prob but dosnt fire, when I turn the ingition on i can not hear the fuel pump primeing, now i dont know if its the fuel pump thats the problem or the system is deactivating the fuel pump to save some other component...

landrover came to the rescue and towed me home... so... any ideas?

ive checked all the usual culprits, all the plugs for the coil packs, tdc sensor. any other sensor i could find in the dark... nothing is leaking and all the fluids are where they should be level wize, ill pull the top engine mount off tom and see if the cambelt is still there tho i doubt its that as there should be bits of valve ratteling around in my engine :S

aaaaand ive got 3/4 tank of gass so i didnt run out of that...

any help welcome!! peace out!!
  renault clio 1.4 16v
right thougt id update on what i found, wasnt the cambelt as i suspected, small 30 amp fuse in the engine bay that runs the ecu popped, didnt spot it in the dark, replaced it and it fired up fine, however as i switched off it popped again, went through and cleaned everything, got a box full of 30 amp fuses and now it seems to be running fine... doing some searching on that fuse, seems like its a common problem... will strip the shrouding off the steering column and clean the plugs on the ignition barrel, have a feeling something there was sticking and causing a spike...

time for a cold beer, cheers gents