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1.4 clio owners please help

Under the rear bumper on the right hand side of the spare wheel there is a black plastic pipe looks like some kind of a duct. Its probably about 2" in diameter and there isnt one on the other side.

What is it? Where does it go? What does it do? Is it essential or can it somehow be removed?

Thanks for any help on this matter


its the filler neck. i use to own an RT, if its for dropping, i managed a 60mm drop all round on 17s so dont listen to the hype. i needed very very little work

60mm on 17s!!! On an RT??

OMG I wish I could do that. What did you have to do and do you remember the offset of the wheels?

Oh and cheers for pointing out the filler neck, probably best not to go ripping that apart! LOL