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1.4RT hits brick wall when accelerating

im posting on behalf of a friend as im a ford boy...

he tells me that when accelerating the car just stops (says its like its stalled) and will eventualy kick back in.

now hes done the usual plugs/leads change but thats about it... he does say it doesnt feel like its missing, its just a complete loss of power...

anyone care to point me in a helpfull direction? im thinking coil pack, ECU, or some sensor. as its probably either completely cutting the spark or completely cutting the fuel... doubt the injector would just stop working so thats probably not it...

also he said it doesnt backfire when it kicks back in... so im thinking its possible its NOT cuttin the spark (as surely itd overfuel then and have a MASSIVE backfire when it kicked back in ( as my car does when i bounce it off the limiter, coz that uses a spark cut)

Heya JD!

XROC! whahey!

i cant help right now, ive been up over 24hrs and am going to catch a kip......


dont think his car is dizzy... think its a coil pack

cant really remember what it looks like under the engine to be honest... havent seen the car in ages..
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ben worley, aint he in the army now? havnt seen him for ages.

sorry cant help with the problem though.

I get this too but only seems to be when in first.

sometimes I will floor it, the car moves about a foot then halts as if I had slammed the brakes on, then takes off.

Has your mate got an IK fitted, as I just assumed it was a nasty flat spot caused by this.

in general, the SPi injection has alot of faults.

Yea i know Ben W.

Anyway, there are lots of problems with fueling, stepper motors, sensors, potentiometers, mine didnt go well but i never bothered pushing it up to over 100, no point....too too long and it annoys drivers behind.

All i can really say is check the injection, take tha ir filter assembly off, you can actually see the single injector. try sevral progressive openings, and some snap throttle openings, if you see the injector stutter and injection isnt smooth, then its pants. I didnt fix mine.......i hated it SOOOO much.

yeah hes in the RAF

hes qualified now by the way, so hes now SGT Worley :)

i did sugest plugs n leads but i presumed thatd cause a missfire, not a complete loss of power (doubtfull theyd all fail at sme time)

hes got a GREEN airfilter, but still keeps orig. airbox.

when i see him next week ill get him to change plugs n leads and ill look at the injector. also maybe clean up the throttle body with carb cleaner...

oh and if the injector is PANTS is it WORTH using injector cleaner in the tank? or should we just fit a new one without bothering?

can u get a faultcode reader on these engines? if so would it be helpfull in finding a dodgy sensor... or are they pants (like ford ones :p)

To find a fault you need the fault to occur whilts is hooked up to the Ren XR25 diagnostic machine.

Its very realy that the injector itself fails so cleaner wont help too much.Try a new fuel filter as they clog pretty easy. Its more the running of the ijction that is poor.

thanks for your help... but its no longer an issue... hes selling it (well, Pxing it)

getting a 206 GTi... a tad nippier than his 1.4RT :)