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1.8 16v Clio

Just thought Id first of all say hello to everyone! Im new to this forum, so dont flame too harshly :D

Im thinking of shortly purchashing a new car, and I was wondering if you lot can give me some advice on the 16v clio. What sort of 0-100 does it do, and what things do I need to look out for etc when looking at buying one. All help appreciated!

Mike has a buying guide to the 16v.

0-60 is 7.7s but most peoples can do this quicker.

0-100 is around 19s I think (someone correct me!)

Top speed is 130mph easy!

Like Adam said, get one and you wont disappointed, Ive had mine for 6months and have never looked back.

Gunner, have you ever been in a 16v as a passenger? you already have a french car so the driving style should be similarish, however the clio 16v doent get going until 4,000RPM thens its constant smile factor from then on up! it has bags of character... youll never get bored of it, making every trip enjoyable!!!

its quick, it corners like a dream, it looks the nuts, there affordable, low insurance..... what more could you ask for man? GO BUY ONE!

you wont look back....







well sorry to say ur the example not to follow either you was not careful and picked up a sh*tter or you paid peanuts for it.happens with all car if u get a sh*tter you can spend all ur time fixing it

get a decent one and you wont have a problem, dpends what you want though, im being honest here if you can afford a willy and the ins premiums get one, but if not the valver is the next best thing. had mine two and a half years now and its served me well. touch wood only broke down once due to immobiliser fuse and other bits are just parts that needed replacing due to age,otherwise the car is spot on and loads of fun

  Megane R26

Had my Valver from 26,000 miles up to 82,000 miles. No major problems whatsoever. Disks and pads are consumable items you know! (as well as bettery and clutch cables). Mind you, I was informed that snapped clutch cables are a common fault with early Clios...

Sounds like you had a duff one there (which can happen with any make/model of car, product etc....)

Had my 16v for just over a year now! Love it to bits! Had no major problems with it at all! In fact ive had very few minor problems too!

GET ONE! (a good one!) - you wont regret it!!

The car came with fsh, 12 mot tax etc etc and I paid top price for it. use to work in a garage and built my own rally car, so I think I may have some idea of what to look out for. not saying there all like mine. Just letting you know what I think of clios NOT MUCH.

Get an MR2.
  Megane R26

Already HAD many MR2s in me Valver!! :devilish:

(Disclaimer, this excludes Turbo variants and all others that may have had the bollox modded off them!) LOL!

Yeah but since when were MR2s any good?

The thing to remember about the valver is that you can get one for under 3 grand, think its a bit of a bargain myself. They look good and go good!

mle 16v

sorry that you feel that way but yeah if i had the same problems as u i would hate my valver too but most people dont run into as many problems as you have,. just bad luck i guess

what made u buy it may i ask. why did u want one. its not a car people just go to look at and buy, its a car for people that know what they want if u know wat i mean.

why is ur mr2 so great. which one is it



Wanted a toy to play with. always like the 16v. looked at 205 1.9 gti, 19 16v, saxo vtr. but the clio looked the best. (see I do like the looks).

Had my MR2 for 3 years and all it ever needed was new disc and pads all round. it get serviced every 6 months and has always pass its mot ,performance is good. plus my girlfriend loves it.


You got a duffer mate. Should have inspected it better. I had a valver and did over 100 000 hard miles. LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Perhaps you got my old one.

Unlucky mate.

mle 16v

oh well yeah like all cars if u get a bad one u will hate them whatever the car. shame u got a bad one though. yes they look good and go good too bit of a bargain really

i guess jap cars are really reliable unlike french cars but hey are u suprised ur bird loves ur mr2 !!!!!!there willbe a time when the mr2 will need expensive reapairs too but i guess it wont be for a while yet

you never answered my question which mr2 is it by the sounds of things it s second generation one and if ur bird drives it it wont be a turbo one either



not letting her drive it. (women drivers)

The mr2 is a 1996 2.0 GT.

Drove a turbo good car but didnt want an import.

As I said like the look of the clios but not for me anymore.

Mine started off like MLE16v. It was costing me loads but after 6 months it was fine and has been since. It seems problems tend to come between 80k and 100k.

Nearly gave up on mine several times but im so glad i kept her. She is running loverly at the mo. Havent spent a penny from last Aug. Needs pads soon though!

You must have not done you research into what to look for and brought a sh*tter!!

Mine has full Renault Service history. I dont think FSH means anything though!!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I had problems. Prob spent about £800 in the last year gettin stuff done to it. But then again its a 10 year old car. I had to have a clutch and starter motor in the first few weeks of owning it which was a big bill, but now I have them done at least they are good probably another 8 years or so.

oh. my dad had an mr2. he sold it when i got my clio cause i was faster. - lol

he now owns a 300+ bhp scooby... - git...

i was looking at an mr2 turbo at one point actually... but was advised against

oh and take one for a drive or perhaps depending on where u are. see if someone on here will take u out. u wont be dissapointed

sorry mle. i meant gunner. to get someone to take him out so they can see what a 16v clio is like..

how do u find the performance difference going from between mr2 and clio. cause on paper they seem to be near as dam the same.. what u think?
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah MLE sounds like you bought a nail. THeres no way that much stuff goes wrong in 3 months unless its not been looked after or you bought it at the wrong time. All valvers do cost a bit to keep them running, but just to put this into perspecive I bought a Tipo for £400 and since then the head gaskets blown twice warping the head, its needed a complete exhaust from the head to the back box, a new tyre, all service items, filters etc changing, etc etc. So that old banger stands me in for over a grand so far. But thats cars for you, sometimes no matter how good it looks at first, it can be at that stage in its life when everything goes at the same time.

BTW by my reckoning a 16v will generally run a 0-60 in 8 to 8.5 seconds, 0-100 in about 21, 1/4 mile in 16s.

Hi, thanks for all the replies!

I think I definately need to take one for a test drive. Ive always liked them but never actually been in one, even as a passenger!

Matt - your clio looks/sounds stunning mate, but sadly, dont think I could afford the asking price? What sort of offers are you getting for it?

Anyone live near Caterham in Surrey whod be willing to take me for a blast*

* Please note, I would like to actually still be alive after the blast *

Thanks, Mike

i just bought one yesterday, i was goin to get a ITR, but i saw this and fell in love. It really does handle extreemly well, and looks like pure sex!

Saved a few K and am putting it into my MK1 XR2.......

i was pleasanly surprised.......
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

As a passenger the 16v is extremely fast in my opinion. I liked being a passenger in a 16v over a R5 GTT, but really preferred the raw drive of my mates R5 GTT. My head says NO but my hearts telling me to get one.

So i am in July onwards, but i think anyone who likes the look of the 16v wont be disappointed by the drive and more importantly the handeling! It is MUCH, MUCH better looking than a VTS or 106 GTi, and requires a little extra skill to drive it properly. ;) Get one, NOW! I reckon trouble starts at 100k though!