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106 GTi versus tuned Clio 16v: read this!

On my way back from Halfords to pick a few bits and bobs today in Bristol, I saw a black 106 GTi in my mirrors bombing up behind me. He went to overtake me on the dual carriageway, but slowed up real quick as soon as he saw my car. It was the bloke who had sold me my 16v, about 18 months ago! So he slowed up and waved at me.

Couldnt say what state of tune the 106 GTi was in, but it was black with leather (as is my 16v) and it had a full exhaust system by the sound of things. No exterior mods - subtle and tasty!

So we come up to a roundabout and in the distance a nice long dual carriageway lay ahead. Naturally, I was happy to oblige and satisfy his curiousity as to whether his old car was faster than his new one!

Sadly, a car got in my way, so he got a much better start out of the roundabout. But I soon reeled him in and overtook to take victory for the Renault flag!

I was very impressed by this car - looked the nuts and Id imagine would give a standard 16v a hard time. Ive said this before and stand by it though, the 106 GTi is no way faster than a Clio 16v out on the roads. I dont want to start a VTS/106 GTi versus "X" debate, but I know loads of people with un-moded 16vs and theyre definitely a closer match to me than the Pug was.

My mates 106 would have you, tuned by Ecosse.

Shame hes got his "lights" gearbox in......I think his top speed is 80mph.

His gears are so short, that it tops out at 80, but gets there in a stupid time.

He rallys the car, and thats why he has this gearbox in. But, its insured for teh road, and when he takes it out, he never loses.