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15" Prima Rep's Advice

  HK52 VLW 172 Cup
Just bought a set of refurbished 15" Clio Williams Prima Replicas to go on my new Monaco Blue MK2 172. Yes I know their going on the wrong car, but I like them and I don't care:)

1. Looking for opinions for 195/50r15 Tyres. Daily road use. (Camskill have PS3's with £30 cashback at the moment)
2. Wheel bolts. Any recommendations on shiny wheel bolts or are the plastic chrome nut covers the way to go?
3. Renault OEM Locking wheel nuts or recommended me some locking wheel nut sets (Shiny)
4. Any idea where I can get some center caps from? Renault OEM don't fit apparently. Prima don't make them in 15" anymore.

Many thanks in advance. Pix below. 1st pic with the big light on, 2nd without the big light on:)


  • IMG_20211213_112555.jpg
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  • IMG_20211213_112537 (3).jpg
    IMG_20211213_112537 (3).jpg
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ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16v/172 daily
If you're on any of the mk1 Facebook pages would be worth asking for centre caps on there. They are a flat cap rather than the domed Williams ones

For daily use I recommend Falken ze310 for the money as they are great value In this size