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16" or 17" ???

  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
I couldn’t figure out how to create a poll.....if indeed it’s possible for members.

I want to decide if I should go for 16" or 17" Alloys for my new 172.

I don’t want to keep the originals or have them refurbed.

I think most people on here sound like the stay with 16", buy what do most people prefer? What looks best? I'm not going to lower my car so would 17" looks odd without lowering. I do prefer bigger wheels with slim line tyres and happy to take the tyre cost hike

Interested to see your pictures and what size and alloys you have on yours, if I like them I might go for the same or similar design.
  Petrol Blue 182.
most people run 16" or 15" wheels on there sports, for looks and for handling, 17" just looks a bit too big and odd for the size of the car :)
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Think I need to see a pic, I'll try and find a pic on here. If anyones got one please post, or other thoughts on 16"s or 17"s
most people run 16" or 15" wheels on there sports, for looks and for handling, 17" just looks a bit too big and odd for the size of the car :)

^^ second that. the Clio is too small for 17inch, looks off ..

also the handling is loads better with 16inch
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
I think I am getting where you guys are coming from after looking at a few pictures.

I don't quite know why but there is something I'm not keen about with the standard alloys, wether its becuase they have a lot of metal there and not 'see through' I dont know.

But when I look at other 172s even with 16" alloys the wheels all seem to look bigger and so much better to me, are they fitted with a lower profile tyres than the standard 195/45/16?

Excuse my ignorance, I'm still new to the Clio.

Just so I can confirm that 17"s wouldnt look good on an unlowered car can anyone with a mpre scrutinising eye tell me if these with 17"s on are lowered or not.


#1 (pretty sure this lowered)

#2 (not a 172 mind)


#3 (Lowered I think)

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  Clio 182
Mine lowered on 17's ...


And lowered on 16's ...


Drives sooo much better with 16's on :approve:
  S4 Avant
I'd get 15s if I had the chance, just for the fact that the prices of tires are at least half.
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
The standard ones on the 172 are 16" right. Is it possible that the previous owner has put a different size tyre on as they look more like bus tyres than those above! Itching to finish work to go and check now.

much prefer the 16"s S6 EMY. Have to admit I really growing on the Turini's and would have some in Anthracite or wheels which looked similar like ultraleggeras

Thanks for the pictures.

if anyone has a picture of 16"s ideally Turini's when the car hasnt been lowered I'd really like to see a picture of it as I wont be lowering mine (due to insurance and living in the lake district)
  Golf MK6 GT TDI
16s every time for me, would think about 15s and more lowering, but 17s look out of place on clios imo


mines lowered on 17" but i've just dropped it 90mm so have to roll on 16s now and may have to do a bit of tire stretch too ;)