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16v’s are slow as sh!t !!! :(

Well...not exactly!
BUT when i got my valver it was the fastest of my crew of mates cars!
However since then a friend has brought a 5GTT which when healthy(!) kicks my arse! And now another 2 are planning on getting VTEC CRXs!!! Both of which will kick my arse!!

Obviously my 16v is fast - it sees off all the supposed hot hatches; ie novas, corsas etc..

However i want to be able to shock the big boys in their big toys and my car doesnt come close!

Perhaps the fact im on 17s with half a tonne of ice is slowing me down!? Perhaps i was unlucky and got a slow 16v!? Having not been on the rollers or a 1/4 mile run its hard to tell! Or perhaps i am a rubbish driver or am expecting too much from my lil clio!?

Bottom line i got beaten by a VTS!!! ...Oh the shame!!

I feel the BBPT turbo conversion calling!! Oh how i want it!!! Oh how i need it!!

Whens the next RR Day gonna be cos i need to find out what my car is pushing out!! Im concerned its under-powered!

Im worried mines underpowered too. When I went in someone elses, which was also standard apart from zorst+induction kit it seemed a lot quicker!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

It will if you are a passenger and not the driver.

Your perspective as a passenger is different than a driver also the driver is anticipating the acceleration where as you are not.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hey G13NN X, ive organised a rollin road day up north

2 people still havent paid so there might be a place if you can be quick with the money an its not too far
  clio 20v

ive beat a crx vtec there not that quick also saxo vts are easy to tune it prob wasnt standard theres not a lot in it between a valver and a vts and i wouldnt have a vts as i dont like seeing a car like mine coming the other way to often, people are always interested in my clio as there quite rare really i wouldnt say the same bout saxos and crxs, r5s r regarded as quick as fcuk but fall to bits, be glad uve got a good car and book it in for that turbo, b even better then

Anyone up for doing one in the south?

Ive heard of a place called MOTORVATION in Dorking that have rollers.

Anyone interested in going up there in a group?

JonL are you talking to me or BRUN?

If me then I think MOTORVASION charge £60 per car. (Does this sound right? anyone thats had it done before??)
Then I guess if you go in a group you get group discount plus you get to see what the other clios get.

This is their number if anyone wants to call them-01306 877047.

Thanks for all your comments!
Think i was havin a mad half hour back then!!

I do love my lil clio really! Ill be loving it a lot more on Saturday too!!...

Its not THAT fast but it is pretty damn fast i spose! AND itll be bloody fast with a turbo and 200+bhp!!

Thanks for the offer Brun but im way down south otherwise i wouldve been up for it mate!
As for a more southern RR event i recently discovered a place about 5 minutes drive from me called Rally Tech...i think thats what their called anyway! Its in Boreham which is next to Chelmsford, ESSEX.
Anyone interested about gettin a load of clios down there??
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


If I can get the cash I maybe interested in the RR m8. Can drag Rockport along with us as well...

Yeah Rich i was talking to you

60 quid does seem a tad expensive to me, maybe its worth shopping around, and as you said group discount etc

an r5gtt might have you off the lights but youll be more comfortable as the revs and speeds rise. my mates owned both and said although the R5 was like a rocket, the clio is safer, more secure and handles better - esp. in the wet. the R5 has the rigidity of a coke can!! plus, turbo = reliability issues...

Ok. How much are other people paying to take their car on a rolling road? and what kinda group discount do you normally get?
Also anyone know anywhere else with rollers in west sussex and who would be willing to come along?



I need to RR mine also, although its difficult were I stay. Anybody find thier valver varies a bit. Somtimes my car goes sh*t hot and then other times it feels dead. Its better when engine is still fairly cool, which I probably blame on unshield piperX induction kit, but it varies a bit when hot also. Any ideas, most service items have been changed.

Alex M
  BMW 320d Sport

Regarding RR day in the South, the going rate has been £20-£30 for the two days weve had so far. Rallytec in Chelmsford are a good rr but I went there a few years ago and it was £50 just for a power run. Id say BB Tuning would be a better bet, their new road seems to be spot on.

Glenn Id go the turbo route if I were you. Either that or nitrous.

sod getting the williams if you already have a tidy valver. you a few options. get the bottom end converted to 2.o litre for more flexible lazy driving , go the gas route which is cheap speed but in long run costs a lot of money if you keep on having to fill up. tune your 1764 with full stage 2 or turbo. im looking into turboing mine now too. and funily enough i just got back from a midnight blast and raced a vts too tonight. no probs with it at all

note to all valver drivers lose your ind kits and you will be amazed how much your car will be.



Nitrous is a possibility that has been carefully considered...
However there is soooooooo much more glory in having a clio 16v turbo!!!

And id like to think that a 16v turbo would spank the asses of most Williams!!

waaaaarrrrrghhhhh - PSSSSST -WAAAAAARRRGH...
  BMW 320d Sport

No you got it all wrong Glenn, itll be WAAAAAAARRRRRRRPPPP - di di di di di - WAAAAARRRRRRRPPPPPPPP - BANG

BTW the di di di bit is the twittering of the wastegate.


What is your Car ? Black clio phase 2 16v ? is it a 172 ? or a 1.8 16v the older version ?

Just wondering, trying to compare it to the cars you were talking about.


Hi Nicole!
Mine is an N-reg Black 1.8 16v...

On reflection i didnt really lose to the VTS ...although i kinda did... but i had me and a 62" mate in my car - whereas the VTS had one teeny tiny lil lady in - a distinct weight advantage!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Its as official as you can get - a doumented properly timed ET which should be on the York Dragway website by now.

If theres a 1.8 16v out there thats quicker then ...BRING IT ON!